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Ways Of Removing Your Pubic Hair

Removing your pubic hair is possible not in just one way but in many different ways and according to your convenience, comfort, and budget a variety of options are available. Shaving, sugaring, waxing, and depilatory creams are the safe temporary options while electrolysis and laser are the permanent methods available for getting rid of the pubic hair. Hygiene, good feeling down there, cleanliness, and no fear of getting the hair plucked accidentally, are only some of the factors why people want to get rid of genital hair.

Many factors are involved in choosing one of the different temporary and permanent ways to remove pubic hair, such as pain, money, skin sensitivity, safety etc. Some prefer shaving, while others might opt for waxing, and those who can afford look for permanent solution. There are many people who prefer to completely get rid of the hair around the genital area while others might opt for trimming. It all depends on your personal choice. Do not imitate others or follow any advice blindly. Know what you want.

Different Ways to Help Remove the Pubic Hair
Tweezing, threading, and epilators are not generally recommended for removing hair from this area. This is due to the amount of pain involved in plucking out the hair and also because of the impracticality of using a thread to remove hair around this area. We will be only discussing about shaving, waxing, sugaring, creams, laser, and electrolysis with their main advantage and disadvantage.


It is easy, common, quick, and hassle free, but using a sharp blade around this delicate area could be dangerous if enough attention is not paid. If you are not very sure of using a manual blade, then electric shaver is also available. Use a good blade and avoid old and blunt razor.

Advantage: Easy to perform, does not require much time, and is not messy.

Disadvantage: If you do not know the right technique then the risk of cuts, rashes, pus filled pimples and ingrown hair increases drastically. Click to know how Shaving Tips for Effective Pubic Hair Removal works.


Waxing genital area is also called as Brazilian wax and has been catching the fancy of many. Though not as popular as shaving is, this method too is finding a niche among other methods. Many people are looking at this method to get their pubic hair waxed because the results are good and last longer than any other temporary method. On the downside, this is an expensive choice and also, exposing your private part to a stranger can be very embarrassing.

Advantage: Effective and better results. The hair takes much more time to grow back after Brazilian waxing.

Disadvantage: It is very painful. Not all can bare their privates to a stranger and it can be very embarrassing. Doing it at home is not advised. Click on how to get a Brazilian waxing done.


Chemically laden creams are available in the market for each different part to remove unwanted hairs, and so is a cream available for pubic hair. These creams, gels, roll-ons, sprays, lotions etc are used to melt the hair and remove it instantly from the skin.

These creams when applied destroy the protein bonds of the hair, within minutes and require just a wet cotton wipe to get rid of the hair from the surface of the skin. A painless option, depilatories emanate pungent smell, is not good for long term use to remove hair because even the skin is made up of protein bonds, and is not advised for sensitive skin people.

Advantage: Quick, fast, instant, painless, and not a very expensive mode of removing the hair.

Disadvantage: Rashes, irritation, itching, burning sensation are some of the disadvantages of using these creams.


Home made thick sugar syrup is used in this method to remove the hair, but it is not very widely practiced. This method too is based on the same principle as that of waxing and removes the hair for a temporary period of time. It should not be tried at home and should be done only by an expert.

Advantages: In comparison to waxing this is less painful, and is less expensive.

Disadvantages: It does not exfoliate the dead cells, and may not suit sensitive skin people and there is the discomfort of exposing your privates to a stranger. To know more about sugaring pubic hair click on How to make Homemade Pubic Hair Removal Cream?

Electrolysis Pubic Hair Removal:

Electrolysis is a permanent and approved method of hair removal and it should be performed only by an expert. It is not affordable to all because of the expense it involves and also because of the time it consumes.

Advantages: The hair is removed forever and it does not grow back once electrolysis is performed.

Disadvantages: Time consuming and expensive.

Laser Therapy:

Though not an approved method, Laser treatment is still a very sought after method to remove hair. It is expensive and very tedious and time consuming but, works best on dark and coarse hair.

Advantages: The results are permanent.

Disadvantages: Multiple sessions are required to get the final result, and this costs a lot of money.

If you are not comfortable with any of the above mentioned ways then the best thing is to trim the hair. With the above tips we also recommend not to share your blade with others, or use the same waxing kit that others have used, or unnecessarily risk this delicate skin with chemical creams. It is up to you to choose the right method suitable for yourself to get rid of the pubic hair.

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