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How to Use Epilator the Professional Way?

Latest trends show that epilators have become the most popular devices for hair removal. Epilator can be defined as an electrical device used for temporary removal of undesired body hair. Epilator can be easily used for hair removal anywhere on the body from sensitive areas like bikini line to your legs and back. Epilator is of electric razor size and works similarly to tweezers.

How Does an Epilator Works?

Basically epilators are kind of pinching machines, anything comes in contact it pinches out. While using epilator you need to roll the machine across your skin with undesired hair. After pinching long and thick hairs the device keeps on rolling across your skin pinching even the smallest hair present.

Epilator pulls out hair from its root hence it takes at least several weeks for hair to reappear on your skin surface. This device is effective for people facing problem of “five O’clock shadows” as unlike shaving it completely removes hair from the skin surface.

Tips for Using Epilator The Professional Way:

As epilator is an electronic device it is difficult to get perfect result in the first use. In fact you might find difficulty in getting expected results even after repeated use. Hence here are few tips which will make you professional in using epilator:

  • It is better use your epilator after hot bath or shower as it will relax hair roots and expands skin pores. This will facilitate easy and pain free hair removal. But remember not to use electronic device near water.
  • For better results it is better to tightening and pull the excess skin before rolling the epilator. This will ensure that will using the epilator your skin is not pinched.
  • While using epilator also you need to move it in the direction of hair growth. In this way you lessen the chances of red bumps formation which tend to form when you use razor.
  • It is better to start slowly. For best result it is better to roll the device as slowly as you can.
  • After using epilator skin tend to become sensitive, so it is better to massage it with mineral oil. You can even use lotion but there are chances of skin irritation and rashes.
  • After every use do not forget to clean your epilator as the hair might clog your device.

Generally it is seen that after using epilator people don’t revert back to traditional methods of hair removal. Epilator is easy to use and the results are quick and long lasting. In case you haven’t tried it then its time use it once, definitely you will love it.

2 responses to How to Use Epilator the Professional Way?

  1. Kaz said on May 23, 2008

    I have Braun epilator which can be used on the face too, but everytime I use it on the face I tend to come up with spots, is there any advice or solution to this? It is much more easier to use epilator, I love it.

  2. sue said on May 29, 2009

    i definitely recommend this to anyone. ive never gone back to razors. However, it may be painful the first time, but gets less as you continue to use it. So much better than shaving!

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