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Cold Waxing Vs Hot Waxing

Waxing is one of the most popular hair removal methods. Waxing seems to be effective method for long period of hair free skin. To get rid of large and dense unwanted hairs in one go then waxing is most effective method. Basically there are 2 types of waxing: Cold Waxing and Hot Waxing. It’s up to you to decide which waxing method is best suited for removing your unwanted hairs.

What is The Major Difference Between Cold Waxing and Hot Waxing?

The wax used for both the process is made up of almost same ingredients. The basic ingredients contained in both waxes are wax base (paraffin or beeswax), resin and lubricator. Resin is used because it acts as adhesive and helps in better attachment to hair strands whereas oil or fat is used as lubricator for smooth and easier hair removal. Sometimes additional ingredients like moisturizers, color or fragrances are added to boost the hair removal experience.

The major difference between cold wax and hot wax is the temperature at which it is applied on the skin. Before using hot wax for the purpose of waxing it is melted. This melted wax is applied on the skin and a small piece of cloth is pressed on the wax. This piece of cloth aids the unwanted hair removal process. As the temperature of hot wax reduces it adheres to the hair and when the piece of cloth is pulled in the opposite direction of growth, hair gets pulled with hard wax.

In case of cold waxing, wax is already applied on the pulling strips. The wax on the pulling strips is in a semi-solid phase and it continues to remain in that phase throughout the process. The cold wax strips are applied to the skin and pressed down in the direction of hair growth. Then quickly the strips are pulled in the opposite direction.

Which Method to Choose? Cold Waxing or Hot Waxing:

Both the waxing techniques have their own advantages and disadvantages. When the two waxing methods are compared then it is observed that in hot waxing method the wax adheres better to hairs. But cold wax doesn’t adhere that well to the hair shafts. In terms of cleanliness cold waxing methods is less messy as compared to hot waxing.

Cold wax is much easier to use as compared to hot waxing method. Cold wax strips are available in various shapes and size so you can use them for removing hair from eyebrow to legs. But in case of hot wax you need to apply it with the help of a stick hence making hair removal of smaller areas like upper lips and eyebrows difficult.

It is observed that cold waxing method is less painful but for best results you need to apply cold wax strips repeatedly. Repeated application of strips might cause painful red bumps, skin irritation and problem of ingrown hairs. Whereas hot waxing is painful method but generally don’t require repetition for best results.

Whichever waxing method you opt but remember one thing that avoid waxing on infected, irritated and sunburned skin. It is advisable for at least 1 day avoid using hot tubs, perfumes, swimming pool and lotions. Lastly never over heat hot wax as it may burn your skin.

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  1. whether waxing can be use for removing hairs of genital areas

  2. I prefer the hot waxing…cold waxing doesn’t adhere to the hair much sometimes cutting them instead of pulling them from the roots.The results of hot waxing is better.

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