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Side Effects of Waxing

There is large number of options like plucking, shaving, waxing, etc. available to get rid off unwanted body hairs. Waxing is considered to be one of the most popular and effective hair removal methods. Waxing besides removing unwanted hairs it also acts as a form of exfoliation. If waxing has advantages it also has some disadvantages. Some of the side effects of waxing are listed below:

  • Loss of Skin Suppleness and Elasticity: This one of the long term waxing side effect. It is observed that skin losses its elasticity and suppleness due to regular and prolonged use waxing. This generally occurs because of the ripping off the applied wax used during waxing.
  • Wrinkle Formation: The second commonly observed long term waxing side effect. Regular waxing increases the risk of wrinkle formation. As the skin tends to loose its elasticity and suppleness gradually it develops wrinkles.
  • Irritation and Redness: This is one of most commonly seen side effect associated with waxing. It is observed that many people develop irritation and redness of skin soon after waxing. Though skin irritation and redness could be subsided with the application of ice on the affected area.
  • Skin Rashes, Reddish Bumps and Slight Subcutaneous Bleeding: These waxing side effects are generally observed in people with highly sensitive skin. Even the sensitive body parts like bikini area also show such waxing side effects.
  • Skin Darkening and Burns: When waxing is done with overheated wax it may result in skin darkening and burns. Application of overheated wax may result in reddish brown spots. These spots appear as a result of post-inflammatory pigmentation. Mainly depending of the type of skin it might take a week to 1 year for pigmentation to fade out.
  • Skin Infection: This waxing side effect mainly appears due to the application of infected or unclean waxing products for the procedure. Remember that diabetic people should avoid waxing because their skin is more susceptible for skin infection especially to deadlier and resistant bacteria.
  • Allergic Reactions: This side effect of waxing is generally observed in people with wax and its product allergy. Allergic reactions may include severe skin rash to folliculitis. It is also seen that people with sensitive skin also develops pustules in the waxed area. It is advisable to you to visit your dermatologist immediately on the development of allergic reaction. In case your skin is sensitive and you are trying waxing for the first time then it is better to go for a patch test of wax.
  • Ingrown Hairs: The problem of ingrown hairs is also referred as Pseudofolliculitis. Basically the major reason for the development of this waxing side effect is that waxing is done in the opposite direction of follicle.

It is observed that above mentioned waxing side effects are observed when the waxing is done improperly or if the skin highly sensitive. It is better to go to an experienced professional for waxing unwanted hair.

How to Avoid Side Effects of Waxing?

Here are some of the important tips to avoid side effects of waxing:

  • Make sure that before waxing your skin should be perfectly non-greasy and dry.
  • At least for 24 hours after waxing protect your skin from the direct sunlight exposure.
  • It is better not to wear tight cloths after waxing.
  • Immediately after waxing it is advisable to apply cold compresses, ice packs or any soothing lotion especially in case of irritation and redness.
  • Before applying hot wax on your skin it is better to check its temperature by applying it on the back of your hand.
  • In case you are taking Vitamin A products for acne like Accutane, Retin A, Differin, etc. or any other medication then it advisable to avoid waxing. Basically your skin becomes prone to tearing.
  • If your skin sun burnt, infected, broken or irritated then also it is advisable to avoid waxing.

If you approach a professional for waxing then the chances of waxing side effects are almost negligible. Hence it is always better to choose an experienced professional and also make sure that the place is clean and the strips used are disposable.

33 responses to Side Effects of Waxing

  1. amy said on July 3, 2008

    i wax my face but every time i do so i get alot of pimples/acne on my face after the third or second day. I cant get rid of this problem but i have alot of facial hair i do need to wax what can be done?

  2. Hello,
    I had my upper lip waxed a week and a half ago. Initally my upper lip and the sides of my mouth where the cream was applied was a bright red. Now my upper lip is back to normal, but the sides of my mouth have red patches. What am I to do? I am currently in Vietnam where there are no English speaking doctors? It is ok to wait two weeks before I go home, or will I be permenantly scarred?

  3. I am male. After having a brazilian done on my full genitals I applied Ingro Stopper for a week. I used too much of this in the process but noted complete loss of sensation, a build up of chemical which i gradually had to painfully peel off. Now 6 months on, my flacid state is much smaller, with lots of wrinkles, erection happens rarely and lost sensation. Where to from here. Can I use moisturiser to get the skin softening out again. Look forwaqrd to hearing back.

  4. G Trevenen: Apply Vitamin E Oil after waxing and exfoliate each time you shower to ensure a fresh smooth renewed layer of skin for the hair to grow back normally in, it will help stop ingrown hairs.

    Lisa Pesce: Go back to the person who waxed you and tell them what happened! Also you can make a wax-like concoction at home for less than $4 and you will eliminate the chance of burns. You can make a sugar wax ball and smear it over your skin and pull it off quickly, it will remove hair but wont stick to your skin. To do this:
    Heat 1 cup sugar, 2 tbsp lemon juice, 2 tbsp water in a small sauce pan at medium heat, stirring, until it becomes golden brown. Let it cool in a microwave-safe ceramic or glass bowl or container until it is comfortable to touch. Do not touch it while it is still liquidy, it will burn you and stick to your skin! Manipulate it like taffy for a bit and smear it over the skin and pull it off quickly, use vitamin E oil after washing the waxed skin with soap and cold water. Exfoliate for the next few days to reduce the chance of ingrown hair.

  5. Hey, After waxing my arms for the first time ( 3 months ago), i soon started getting these round marks with bumbi skin on my upper arm. so 4-5 on each arm.the skin there is very dry and looks pale in colour because of the dryness. it seems less obvious when i apply moisturiser, but still im worried whether its an infection and some how i feel like its spreading? any clue on what im havin??

  6. can waxing be applied to your underarms???

    • admin said on May 7, 2010

      Yes, waxing can be done on the underarms too. In fact, it lasts longer than the other temporary forms of hair removal. Go ahead!

  7. I m doing waxing on my arms for the first time! I think I l go to a parlour! I m really scared about the pain!Any tips to reduce pain please! I m waiting for the reply!

  8. hi,
    i waxed my arms and after a few minutes i got big bumps on my arm is that harmful and is it going to go away? please help me!

  9. i suffer red burns due to waxing as my skin is highly sensitive, wat do i do?

  10. emma said on July 4, 2010

    i waxed my upper lip on thursday past and i now have little pimples on each side of my mouth and i feel insecure about it…why has this happened and how can i get rid of it?

  11. i waxed my upper lip like 2weeks ago an it started bleeding and skin started peeling of. All that has cleared but there is still a red rash/patch? What should i do!? Will it ever go!

  12. hello everyone…. I have an uncommon issue… for the first time I waxed my legs and in two small sections when I pulled the wax off I think some of my epidermis must have ripped off because these sections were red and inflammed. They hurt a tad but nothing to scream about… well they stayed red for like a day… then sadly within days I noticed I lost my pigmentation… yes there was “WHITE” spots instead of the red inflammed sections. Sooo it’s now at least 2 months and the spots are there… I model professionally and well I have to apply heavy body makeup now :( SOOOOO will I regain my pigment?? is this happening to other people??? I can’t find anything online connected to waxing….. please help!! I love waxing my bikini and armpits but never attempting to was my legs again… ugh! Thank you!

  13. I waxed my upper lip for thr first time myself and the redness and burning sensation won’t go away and it’s been more than 12 hours!! I put ice on it right after then baby oil. What can I do?????

  14. ah! i plucked some unwanted hair in my underarms. then, because it grows back, i shaved it often. it’s too itchy. so i prefer to be back in plucking. my underarm looks like it was ruined. it turns greyish. it was darken. will it be back to the original color? how can i whiten it. i’m a female.

  15. hi i waxed my face, and i got alot of acne now how can i get red of this.. oh ya and i got red on my face too please help..

  16. sed a well know waing strips(veet waxing strips) 6months before.. do not know how some marks appered on my skin and they are still persisting..iitz like the wax penetrate into my skin..and that area of skin appeas black..plz advice me something to get rid of it as my skin looks like a burnt skin..

  17. oh itz a typing mistake..i had used veet waxing strips 6 months before. do not know how some marks appered on my skin and they are still persisting..iitz like the wax penetrate into my skin..and that area of skin appeas black..plz advice me something to get rid of it as my skin looks like a burnt skin….

  18. avt said on June 13, 2011

    Hello there, just became aware of your blog through Google, and found that it’s truly informative.

  19. P said on June 18, 2011

    Hi, I just waxed my armpits. The experience was extremely painful and still hurts 12 hours later. I can handle that, but what I am worried about is that I experienced some bleeding. Though I’ve read that this is normal, I haven’t seen how to properly treat it to avoid infection. Should I treat it like any other cut and apply alcohol/neosporin?


  20. my mom does not allow me to wax my legs and hands.She says that she will let me do it after grade 10.But my problem is i can not wear shorts and i cannot wait until grade 10 to wear them.Now i am in grade 9 and i have been requesting her since i was in grade 8.So will it be applicable and good for me to do the waxing when i am in grade 9 only or i have to wait until grade 10.If i have to wait till then…then why??
    please reply back and request my mom….please…..

  21. ….and as it is the modern fashion to wear shorts and skirts, i feel really bad because i always have to wear jeans whether it is hot season or cold….so please convince her….well i am the same person…upper one

  22. well amy i have no idea about what you are having
    but i guess they are the side effects of waxing but do not worry i think you should go and consult a doctor very soon

  23. I tried veet home waving and the next day, i had a patch the size of a strip red(i have darker olive skin)and another strange shape on my leg. a week later it is brown- a few shades darker than my skin, dry, and if you push it it goes wrinkly. what is it and what should i do

    p.s. i have used ve3et strips before but i only did a bit of my leg

  24. whenever i get my arms waxed thn after 6-7 days i get acne on upper can i get rid of it??

  25. hiii…im getting rash on my skin after 5 r 6 days after waxing.wat can be the cause?

  26. my face is so itchy! And it’s my first time to have full body
    and I’m so worried if it will ruin my skin.. But I already applied ice
    but will it goes back to normal??
    If my hair will grow will it become more thicker that it used to be???
    Please answer me I’m very worried

  27. This advise is for the ladies who get pustules on there lip and for the men who get pimples on there back. Firstly you need to wax every four to six weeks on these areas. If hair is left until the last stage of growth the Telogen stage it can cause the outbreak of little white pustules, where excess sebum can be pulled to the surface of the skin.
    A solution for this problem is quite simple. Directly after a wax ie. the lip area make a compress of bi-carb soda and water and apply directly to the upper lip. Leave for a minute, then wash off. This will regress the pustles that may be pulled to the surface of the skin, thus a huge reduction of pustles.

  28. I waxed my arms at a beauty salon called beuty first in bankstowm
    Its been 3 weeks and both my arms are completley full of pimples and really
    Red an itchy and it keeps getting worse please tell me wat to do im so embarresed

  29. I hope that salon closes down they’ve ruined my arms

  30. After I waxed my legs. Black dots started forming where the hair grows and they kept irritating me so I kept picking themzm now I have all these scars on my legs and I still pick my legs I don’t know what to do and it is like a habit

  31. im getting my back and chest waxed, whats the worst thing that can happen ?

  32. I just bought a waxing kit… i wanted to wax my upper lip so i googled the side effects and found this site! Im a little afraid to wax my upper lip now because of all the problems i see people are having! I would like to be prepared for things like this so what are some things i can have incase of pimple outbreaks, reddish parts etc.? I rarely have pimples and stuff but i sure dont want my face to start having them from waxing! Please any advice?

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