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Home Laser Hair Removal Devices- A Review

Unwanted hair removal is a major issue among men and women across the world. It is observed that most of the people do not feel comfortable going to salons for unwanted hair removal. So the best option available for you to get rid of unwanted hair is Home Laser Hair Removal System.

You will find a wide variety of options for Home Laser Hair Removal System available in the market. But only few of them are effective and easy to use for removing unwanted body hair. One of the most popular and effective home laser hair removal systems available in the market is Tria. Second popular home laser hair removal system includes Unimed Laser Hair Removal LB100s device.

Tria Home Laser Hair Removal System:

Tria is considered to be the first among the home laser hair removal systems. When compared to the professional grade you might find Tria to be less effective. Out of all the devices Tria is the first one to receive FDA certification. Extensive clinical studies have shown that still Tria is effective and can remove facial and body hair effectively. Regular use of Tria for about a year reduces hair reappearance by 1/3rd.

The basic principle behind Tria is the same the only difference lies in the simplicity to use and handle it. The ideal candidate for Tria is the person who has light skin with dark hair. Remember that Tria home laser hair removal system is to be used flat against the skin. Even though you can use it but it is better to take help from your family member or friend to handle the laser.

Unimed Laser Hair Removal LB100s Device:

You can find number of appliances in the market. The main specification of this appliance is the laser beam wavelength of 808nm. This appliance sports a control box and a wand with which you can point at the area you wish to treat. The manufacturers of this appliance claims that it is 80% effective and results in permanent hair removal. The other claims include after the treatment shrinkage of the pores and quick and virtually pain free method. The drawback of this device is that it is yet to be certified by FDA for permanent home laser hair removal.

Lastly, before selecting any home laser hair removal device it is better to a bit of research on the various devices available in the market. Be careful while selecting any device. You can even go through reviews of various products before finalizing the device. And it is important that you strictly follow all the instructions and precautions mentioned on the device.

6 responses to Home Laser Hair Removal Devices- A Review

  1. hi,
    wanted to know if you have heard of Epila laser removing system, it claims to be board certified (does that mean FDA approved). i have had laser treatment done on me before, unfortunately it is not a permanent solution for me, but it certainly worked on the heavily pigmented areas on my face.
    since i am dark skinned with dark and coarse hair, not sure if tria will work on me but do you have any info. on epila?
    thanking you,

  2. Very helpful information.

    Here are a few tips for laser hair removal:

    # Don’t bleach the hair you want to lose. The darker the hair, the better the procedure will work.
    # Try the laser treatment on a small part first. That way you can make sure you are no sensitive to the laser treatment and also that you won’t have any marks left after the procedure.
    # Don’t tan the area where you have the laser hair removal treatment. Especially 1 month before the treatment and 1 month after.
    # Before every laser treatment, make sure to wash the area with soap.
    # If you take Isotretinoin for acne, you can’t have the laser hair removal procedure because it might make scars and burns to the skin.

  3. At home devices just don’t offer the kind of power of professional services. They’re nice, but they can hardly offer near permanent results.

  4. I’ve been reading all morning about home lasers for hair removal.
    Some people have said the Tria is much better than the Rio X20 scanning laser, just because Tria has a 40 watt laser and the Rio X20 has a 0.5 Watt laser. Is wattage of importance, or are there other determining factors, that make wattage a non issue, i.e better wavelength, or more efficient light conversion?

    If anyone knows, I’d love to know, I’d prefer the X20, just cause it can laser a small area, instead of doing hairs one by one.

    On a side note, seeing the advice not to bleach hair you want to remove with a laser, in reverse I wonder if dying the hair black would actually help…

  5. If you had lets say a 1W laser pointer(not 1mW, I’m talking a REAL laser) could you perform laser hair removal on other people? Bear in mind this is 1000mW and can easily burn paper, pop balloons, etch leather, etc. So what about a person’s pores would it obliterate them like a regular hair-removal-laser or just fuck up their skin? Also what would it do to their skin?

  6. Kindly advise me to what particular technologies i should proceed to aquire a permenantly removed hair in un wanted areas? and kindly elaborate on cosequencies after usage? do areas beneath the belt become sagy or flabby? do vagina become darker? Pls. response soonest.REGARDS

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