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Shaving Tips for Effective Pubic Hair Removal

Today, it is a common sight to see men and women concerned about maintaining a clean and neat look and removing unwanted body hair including pubic hair removal. Men and Women shaving pubic hair is a very common practice and almost all of us must have practiced it at least once in our lives. But, there are a few advantages, disadvantages, dos, and don’ts which have to be followed because it is a very delicate area. Patience, practice, and a few precautionary tips will prove useful.

Though not all men and women necessarily shave down there, there are many who prefer to trim them short instead of removing it all. Laser, electrolysis treatment, and Brazilian wax for having a hairless private part may not appeal to many of us, and also it may not be affordable to all and shaving comes as the most preferred and convenient alternative.

Even though shaving is an easy process there are a few things that need complete attention in order to avoid cuts, nicks, scrapes, and irritation. Let us learn more about men and women’s pubic hair shaving tips separately. A sharp, good quality blade or razor, cream or gel, lukewarm water, and patience are the keywords while removing hair from the delicate genital area.

Following Are The Simple Tips On How To Shave Women Pubic Hair:

Time is the biggest constraint and none of us are blessed with an extra hour for beauty treatments. We have to make the most of the available time and perform all the duties and responsibilities towards our family, friends, life, job, and ourselves.

Shaving is the most widely practiced hair removing method because it can be done in minutes and without making rounds to the beauty parlor. Follow these tips for good results.

    1. Shaving Kit: A small comb, sharp scissors, razor with a good blade, warm water, shaving cream, baby oil, mirror, scrubber or loofah, and patience.

  1. Trim The Hair: The first step before shaving is to trim long hair. The shorter the hair the better and easier it is to remove it. Use a comb and cut the hair using a sharp scissors. This will avoid cutting the delicate pubic skin.
  2. Moist And Soft Hair: Either take a shower or rinse the part with water for around 5 minutes. This opens up the skin pores, softens the hair, and aids in easy hair removal.
  3. Use Shaving Cream: Use a shaving cream and create a thick lather. Allow this to sit on the hair for a couple of minutes. Thick lather prevents skin rashes, aids in smooth shaving, and saves ingrown hair problem. Try and avoid using soap as it dries the skin.
  4. Shaving Tips: Use a good quality sharp razor in the direction of the hair growth for the first time. This will remove most of the hair. Now, use the blade against the growth direction to have a clean and close shave. If you are comfortable with running a blade against the growth then you do so otherwise you can avoid it. Be patient. Never rush through the process. Hold the skin tight for easy removal. Loose, folded skin of labia can run the risk of cut, scrape, and abrasions. Use a multiple blade razor for close shave. If possible avoid cheap disposable blades.
  5. Exfoliation: After completing the shaving process it is better to exfoliate your pubic area using a scrubber or loofah. Wash the area and using a mild shower gel or soap gently scrub the part. Exfoliation removes dead skin and cleans the pores of your pubic area. But make sure that you do not exfoliate the newly shaved skin rigorously.
  6. Moisturizing: After shaving and exfoliating the private part, either use a good natural lotion or baby oil to moisturize the pubic area.


Using a new blade is advised against old one. It removes the hair without any pressure, and also the results are better. Old razors can result in ingrown hair, can scrape the skin while using pressure to remove hair, and has increased risk of infection.

Here Are The Simple Tips On How To Shave Men Pubic Hair:

The basic shaving process does not change whether you are removing hair from the pubic area of a man or a woman. The only difference is how you go about it.

    1. Trim the pubic hair as short as you can. Long hairs clog the razor, hinder the shaving process and pose high risk of ingrown hair problem.
    2. Wet the hair around the pubic area for a few minutes and using good shaving gel lather the hair. Warm water and cream enables easy hair removal and smooth shaving process without the trouble of cuts, nicks, etc.
    3. Use a multiple blade razor to shave; and if possible avoid cheap disposable blades. Do not try to save some money by using the same old razor. Worn out razors pose greater risk of infection, cuts, and ingrown hair problem.
    4. Make sure that you do not run your razor on loose penis skin. Pull it tight and then only remove the hair. Or else it will increase the chance of cutting and scraping it. Hold the penis down and remove the hair in upward directions towards the navel. Then hold it upwards and shave downwards to base of the scrotum. Shave the sides and finally the scrotum.
    5. Be sure that you do not rush through it and cut yourself. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry. If any itching or irritation is experienced use ice cubes.
    6. Keep running the razor under a tap to prevent the hair from getting clogged in the razor. To learn more about it read How To Shave Your Balls.

Important Point:

A point to be remembered is that do not share your razor with anyone. It could lead to infections and diseases.

Shaving genital area is not as easy as shaving other body parts like arms, armpits, legs, or facial hair. Pubic area is a very delicate area and any mistake while shaving can cause a lot of trouble. It is always better to do it very patiently and leisurely. Once you have enough experience you will find it easier to keep your privates free from unwanted hairs. There are many people who experience itching, redness, and allergic reaction because of the blade. In such a situation immediately stop the process and wash with cold water.

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