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Eyebrow Shaping – Various Ways and How To Do It

Most women neglect their eyebrows and shaping them certainly enhances the beauty of your face amazingly. Most women do not realize this until they shape their eyebrows. You do not know how beautiful your eyes can look if the eyebrows are tweaked a little bit.

Excessive eyebrow hair can be bothersome and can affect your beauty. To get rid of the hair, several temporary and permanent eyebrow hair removal options are available. The best option would be the one which personally suits your requirements such as time, money, comfort etc.

Eyebrow Hair Removal Options:
Eyebrow hair removal gives a proper shape to the eyebrows, giving a younger and well-groomed look. Here are some of the eyebrow hair removal options:


Tweezing is a popular method to get rid of eyebrow hair. A pair of tweezers is used to pluck the eyebrow hair, till the required eyebrow shape is achieved. Tweezing is economical and can be done in the comfort of your home.

Tweezers that have sharp and joining tips should be preferred. Do not try to save money by using a tweezers that is old, rusted, blunt, and has unequal tips. You can run the risk of hurting and infecting yourself. Buy a new one and use it in such a manner that you get rid of the extra and unwanted hair and do not disturb the natural shape.


This process, which originated in the Eastern countries, involves plucking the eyebrow hair using a cotton thread. The hair is pulled out from the follicle using a twisted thread. This method requires a skilled beautician for proper hair removal.

Threading cannot be done on self, but you can try it on friends and they can help you back. To try it at home it requires lot of practice and patience to learn the skill and only thereafter can you actually do it.


Wax is used to remove the unwanted and extra hair around the natural shape of the eyebrows. The wax used is generally cold but some might also prefer hot wax. The wax application is then pressed and pulled out with a paper or cloth strip. Waxing can be done at a salon or at home.

When waxing eyebrows at home the shape should be taken care of. Never ever get carried away and spoil the natural shape. Do not over do it and do not remove hair without thinking. Learn more about Eyebrow Waxing


Sugaring follows the same principle of waxing. Applying wax and pulling out the hair. But, it is never as simple as it seems. The growth of hair around eyebrows is very slow when compared to the hair on other body parts. Any mistake can be very evident and has to be tolerated for long.

Apply two layers of sugar wax. First smear the wax against the direction of the growth of the hair and then a second layer in the natural direction of the growth. Use paper, cloth or pull out the wax with bare hands to shape the eyebrows.


Electrolysis removes the hair permanently and shapes the eyebrows permanently. It is a costly deal and takes many sessions to get rid of the hair forever. It saves a lot of time and regular visits to the parlor.

A needle is used to uproot each extra hair strand and a light electric current is passed to destroy the roots. It should be done only by an expert. Do not try to do this at home. You might end up spoiling the shape forever. Also, any mistake can damage your eyes.


Laser hair removal is a permanent hair removal process in which the hair follicle is destroyed using a laser beam. But, laser process is an expensive method and it may involve several sessions.

Laser treatment aims at damaging the roots of the extra hair and results in a permanent solution. Under the expert eyes of a professional this kind of hair removing process should be performed. Still, it is not recommended to opt for this method because it is considered to be a harmful practice to have laser beams near the eyes.

Any of the above short term or long time methods of eyebrow hair removal can be tried depending on your interest, budget, time, and patience. The most popular of all the mentioned methods are tweezing and threading. Choose the best eyebrow removal option to have shapely and attractive eyebrows. Click to know about how to shave eyebrows.

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