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How to Remove Ear Hair?

Ear hair is more prevalent among men than in women and no matter how embarrassed you are about it or how much you may try to hide it, the unruly hair begins to make an awkward presence in and around the ears. With age this embarrassing hair growth becomes more and more evident and the only way to hide it is to remove it. Heredity, hormonal changes etc play an important role in this kind of hair growth and to look well groomed it is a must to remove them.

Today, there are many techniques through which one can get rid of these unwanted hairs. Using sharp scissors, pointed tweezers, and using wax are some of the easy options that can be used to temporarily or permanently remove the scary hair growth on the ear.

Experts have no real reason for the growth of hair in and around the ears but a theory states that the older one gets the more the hair follicles in the ear become sensitive to the testosterone being produced in the body and hence the embarrassing hair growth. Moustache, beard, chest full of hair, and hairy arms are all still tolerable, but hair projecting out of ears can be absolutely disgusting. Removing ear hair is very essential for men to look even remotely groomed.

Why Should Men Remove Ear Hair?

  • It makes them look unattractive.
  • Due to the accumulation of dust particles on the hair strands the ear gets itchy.
  • The wax can gather on the hair as well and prove to be unhygienic and dirty.

Different Ways of Ear Hair Removal

Following are a few simple methods to get rid of the hair growing on the earlobes and get a neat and clean look. Waxing, shaving, laser, or electrolysis can also be opted for the same apart from using tweezers, and chemical creams. Try different methods and stick to the one that best suits you.

    1. Shaving:

      Shaving hair from any part of the body is easy, fast, and can be done at the comfort of home without worrying much about the cost of the razor. But, to remove hair from the earlobes it is better not to use a manual razor, instead opt for an electric shaver. Manual razor has more chances of hurting the folded ear skin while electric shaver prevents any such chances. Trim the hair before using the shaver. If Possible use an electric razor which is specially designed for the purpose.

    2. Waxing:

      Waxing can be used to make the earlobes hair free. Instead of melting and applying hot wax on the ears, it is better to buy readymade wax strips available in the market. Use them as per the directions and keep the earlobes hairless. The result would last for weeks as the growth rate of the hair on ears is very slow. Avoid using hot wax because any carelessness can burn and damage the ears forever.

    1. Sugaring:

      It works on the same principle as that of waxing. But, the sugar syrup is comparatively less painful as it does not stick to the skin as melted wax does. The only problem is sugaring strips are not available in the market, and it is not a safe idea to apply hot sugar syrup to the ear. It could be damaging, if enough precautions are not taken. Use cold sugar gel to remove the hair.

    2. Chemical Creams:

      Depilatory creams are chemical hair removing products that can be used sometimes and not regularly to remove the hair protruding from the ears. Do follow all the instructions properly. But, it is always better to do a patch test before applying on ears. These creams can be harsh on skin and can result in rashes and other allergic reactions.

    3. Tweezing:

      Using a pointed tweezers pull each hair out to have hair free look around the ears. But, it can be very time consuming and also it may not be easy to get rid of all the hair strands by doing it on your own. It is very painful to pull out each hair and can result in redness and red bumps.

    4. Electrolysis:

      This is a permanent method, but an expensive choice and is not affordable to all. A mild electric current is passed using a sharp needle to uproot each hair strand and destroy the follicles. It should be done by an expert and all the advantages and disadvantages should be discussed before getting into it.

    5. Laser:

      Laser treatment also gives permanent like results and reduces the hair re-growth by many folds. But, this method is too expensive to afford. A single frequency of light is passed through the skin to destroy the hair follicles. It is better to get it done by a professional.

Important Points to Remember:

  • Never use any of the above mentioned methods to remove hair from the inside of the ear. All the methods have been suggested to clear the hair from the earlobes only.
  • It is neither safe nor recommended to remove hair from the inside of the ear, as it might hurt the delicate ears and ear drums and affect your hearing ability.
  • Do not use Depilatory creams if you have scratches or cuts.
  • Laser treatment is advisable for light skin complexion and not people with a dark skin tone.

These are a few tips on removing ear hair. It is up to an individual how he chooses to get rid of the ugly hair sprouts on the earlobes. Avoid regular or kitchen scissors to trim the hair you could end up hurting the ears. Try and use the specially designed trimmers available for this.

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