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How To Get Rid of Nose Hair

Nose hair can be embarrassing and is a common problem with men rather than with women. Many men are troubled by its growth. Every person has tiny strands of hair in the nose but in a few people, the hair growth is more. It could be due to hormonal changes.

Though nose hair growth troubles many men, it has a purpose. It is the body’s natural defense against germs, dust and spores. These tiny hairs trap the dust particles and prevent them from entering our body. Completely getting rid of nose hair is not advisable.

Since it is a sensitive region, enough precautions have to be taken while removing the strands. It can be difficult to remove the hair from the nostrils. Manual clippers, and electric trimmers are the most common and safe applicators that can be used for nose hair removal. Let us learn more about the different nasal hair removing options.

Tips to Get Rid of Nasal Hair:
The purpose of nasal hair is to trap the pollutants, bacteria, and other dirt particles from entering the lungs and disrupting the normal function of lungs. But, at the same time long hair from the nose can be very disgusting and odd. It is best advised not to remove the hair completely.

    1. Manual Clippers:

      Use sharp clippers and not scissors to manually trim the hair that protrude out of the nose. It is usually a safe practice to not to use the scissors which are not meant for the purpose. It could cut the nasal lining and can be harmful and prone to infection.

      Manual clippers use scissors that are especially designed to trim the nasal hair. Do not be tempted to use the regular scissors. Always clean and disinfect the scissors or clippers with an astringent before and after using it.

  1. Electric Trimmers:

    There are many electric trimmers available in the market, which are solely made for the nasal hair. These do not eliminate or remove the hair completely but only trim them. The rotating blades in these electric shavers/trimmers help cut the hair without scrapping the skin.

    It is important to remember not to insert these trimmers up into the nose and unnecessarily harm the lining. Always buy a product from a reputed company and a certified brand.

  2. Tweezers:

    Forceps or tweezers is also one of the options to get rid of nasal hair, but it is a very painful method. Pulling the hair out is not safe, is painful, and is prone to bacterial infection. Also, it is important to have some hair to prevent dirt and pollutants from entering the lungs and we do not want to completely remove them.

    Bacterial infection and ingrown hair problem are common side effects of it yet many people prefer using tweezers as it is effective. Enough care should be taken to clean and disinfect the tweezers with good disinfectant or alcohol or anti-septic lotion.

    Tips to Use Tweezers:

      • Take a good tweezers that has both the points meeting. The tweezers should not be old, rusted, unclean or damaged. It could hurt the nose and the chances of infection are high.
      • Tweeze the hair after taking a shower as the hair becomes soft and easy to pull out. Wash your face and clean your nose by blowing out any dirt.

    • Sterilize the tweezers by dipping it in alcohol or any other disinfectant so that the chances of any bacterial infection are greatly reduced.
    • Always pull the hair in the direction of its growth. This is less painful and has less risk of ingrown hair problem.
    • Do not use force while plucking out hair strands. A gentle twitch would do the work.
    • Do not pull many hairs at a time. This is again painful, has high risk of ingrown hair and bacterial infection.
    • Sensitive skin people may experience slight bleeding. Apply a neat cotton washcloth soaked in ice water to ease the pain and irritation.
    • Maintain hygiene of the nose to prevent infection.

Methods Unsafe For Nasal Hair Removal:

Not all methods meant for hair removal can be used to trim the nasal hair. Still, people use them. Let us know what the methods are:

  1. Shaving:
    It is practically not possible to shave the nose hair, and neither should one try to do anything like it.
  2. Creams: The depilatories creams are chemically laden and will react adversely with the mucosal lining of the nose. It is meant only for external use, that too occasionally. Never use chemical creams inside the nose. There are a lot of nasal hair creams available in the market promoted as safe and effective but these creams are not completely safe.
  3. Waxing:
    Waxing too is not possible to uproot the nasal hair.
  4. Laser:
    Passing a ray of light inside the nose is dangerous and can result in complications. If at all you opt for this method consult a specialist first to know all the risks involved.
  5. Electrolysis:
    Uprooting nasal hair using an electric needle is not advisable and is best advised to trim the hair rather than removing it forever.

Above were the some of the options to remove nasal hair. Many people use creams and other unsafe methods but we advise against using any such options. These creams can damage mucosal lining of the nose and result in unwanted complications. Though grooming is always fine, obsession with it is not.

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