Hair Removal

Waxing Techniques

Waxing is a popular treatment for hair removal. It removes the hair shafts from below the skin’s surface. It is very effective for temporary hair removal. There are different waxing techniques to choose from. Summer is fast approaching and you want to look the best in a bikini? It’s time to get a waxing done to remove unwanted hair and flaunt that well-toned body. People who are slightly healthy can also show of their beautiful skin minus the hair.

To get a perfect finish, you can choose the best waxing technique depending on the growth and distribution of hair. The waxing technique used can also depend on the body part where you want to get the waxing done.

Some places use

cream wax

while a few salon’s may use

hard wax

. People using hard wax find it to be more effective. The wax is heated before being applied to the hair. A cloth or fabric is then applied on the wax and allowed to rest for a moment. The fabric is then pulled. The hair is pulled out from the roots along with the fabric.

Another waxing technique is to apply

talcum powder

to the skin or area to be waxed. This prevents the wax from sticking on to the skin.

Also, there is a

special kind of wax

which does not need any cloth or fabric to pull out the hair. The wax itself hardens after applying and can be easily pulled out.

Bikini wax

removes the hair around the bikini line.

Brazilian wax

removes almost all the hair from the bikini area.

Skin irritation and discomfort is common to all waxing techniques. The skin may get used to it over a period of time. There is no reason to panic about the pain or irritation as it is common with all skin types. The symptoms may last a little longer in people with sensitive skin.

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