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Maintenance After Head Shaving

You have made up your mind and finally decided to shave your head. The new look suits you and you receive a lot of compliments for it. The hair slowly starts growing back. How do you maintain the same look? Maintenance after head shaving depends on a few factors. The following few tips will help you sport the same look with ease.

Head shaving Most men prefer a complete bald look, especially those with a receding hairline. Some men may want to retain a look with a slight growth of hair. How long would you want to sport the style would completely depend on you.
After head shaving completely or using an electric shaver to sport that new bald look, the job is far from over. It is also essential to maintain the look and practice a regular procedure to maintain the look. Let us learn a few things about the maintenance of shaved head and other important things to be remembered.

Hair Type

Your hair type surely influences your look and your appearance. If you have hair that is darker than your skin color, even the slightest hair growth will be visible. Stubble can be seen in a day itself. But, if you have light color hair then it is less noticeable.

Also, hair thickness matters a lot. Fine hair do not cause as much of concern as much as thick, curly and coarse hair does. Any growth of the thick and coarse hair should be monitored regularly and trim it or use an electric shaver to get rid of the curls. Head shaving
People with curly hair should shave frequently as it tends to get messy whereas people with fine and silky hair type can trim the growth with regular breaks.

Hair Growth after Head Shaving

It is observed that on an average hair grows at the rate of a millimeter or slightly over that rate. But, this could vary from person to person and some might grow at a faster rate while in others it could be slower. The hair growing factor also plays an important role in determining how often should one use razor or electric shaver to maintain shaved head look.

If you are unsure when to shave the head again, then simply follow the basic rule of shaving it the day you shave your facial hair. The hair growth rate of head and facial hair is same and treat the head like an extended face.

Maintenance After Head Shaving:

Moisturising your scalp is very important. The scalp tends to be irritable and dry after a shave. Applying a moisturizer on your scalp will reduce dryness and also provide a soothing effect. The newly exposed skin is very sensitive and should be prevented from dryness.

Sun block is also essential for protecting the scalp from the ultra violet rays. Before shaving, the head was protected by the hair but after head shaving sun block is essential. Use sun block every day after washing the scalp and apply it at least twice a day or whenever you step out in the sun. Head shaving
Wash your head every day to clear any grease and dirt. Just like your face or other parts of the body, the head too needs care and maintenance, especially after you shaved the hair. Moisturize it, use sun protection cream, and on a regular basis trim the hair unless you want to grow the hair back.

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