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How To Shave Your Balls

A lot of men prefer to keep their genital area clean. It is easy to shave the pubic hair around the genitals but many people are not very confident of how to shave your balls. The very idea and thought of shaving the hair on the scrotum may send shivers. The scrotum is a sensitive area and care needs to be taken while shaving the hair. It must be done in the right way and precautions should be taken so as not to hurt this sensitive part.

Men need to keep their genital area hygienic as the sweat and hair promote the growth of bacteria. Shaving your pubic hair will promote hygiene and prevent the spread of bacteria and other infections. Shaving is one of the easiest ways to remove hair without any assistance and without the fear of exposing our genitals to strangers like it is needed to get a Brazilian wax done. Shaving is not only limited to men but even women prefer this mode of hair removal to have a hairless pubic area. Let us learn more about shaving genital hair in this article.

Tips on How to Shave Your Balls

    • The very first thing to do is to have enough time, patience, and privacy not to interrupt the shaving. Never try to remove hair from any part of the body when in hurry! You might end up hurting yourself badly however experienced you are.
    • Cut the hair if they are long. Trim the hair with clippers or small scissors meant for the purpose. Do it before shaving. It is not suggested to shave long hair as it increases the risk of plucked hair and ingrown hair problem.
    • Take a shower or wash the area with lukewarm water. Dry the pubic hair using a towel. It opens the pores of the skin and assists in easy hair removal.
    • Use shaving gel preferably over soap. This sufficiently moisturizes the skin and also helps in getting rid of the hair easily.
    • Slowly shave the hair in the direction the hair grows. You can also shave in the opposite direction to get better shaving results. But, never shave using excess pressure as you might end up scraping the skin.

  • Wash the area once you finish shaving. Use a natural moisturizer or an anti-bacterial cream to heal any accidental cuts.
  • Do remember to clear the razor and remove any stuck hair in between two strokes.

Aftercare Instructions

  • Wash the area and keep it dry.
  • Dust some talcum powder to absorb excess moisture from the part.
  • You can shave once a week or more depending on the hair growth.
  • Keep the pubic area clean and wash it every day.
  • Remove the dead skin everyday to avoid the chances of bacterial growth.

Important Points

    • The scrotum is a delicate part hence enough care should be practiced while removing hair from this part. Be very patient when dealing with such a sensitive area.
    • Do not be under the influence of any intoxication while shaving any part.
    • Do not use an electric shaver to remove hair from this part.

  • Avoid using wax to remove the hair from this part. If you are so enthusiastic about using wax then opt for Brazilian wax and get it done by a professional but never ever try it at home by yourself.
  • Apply a moisturizer or a natural cream after you shave. This will calm the newly shaved skin.

Shaving your balls should be done in privacy with enough uninterrupted time. Take a shower, relax, and then follow the above tips to have a smooth and hairless genital area. Hygiene, dryness, and exfoliation are important factors to keep any sort of infections from developing in this area.

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