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Arm Hair Removal Methods

Arm hair can be unsightly and bothersome for many people and they practice one or more of the available arm hair removal methods. Arm hair is completely natural and its thickness, color, and growth differs from one person to another. Its growth can be dark, long, and thick in a few people, while in some others it can be light, short, and thin.
 arm hair removal
Women mostly prefer arm hair removal when compared to men, as it gives a smooth and hairless feel. Men also opt for arm hair removal if the hair growth is too thick, dark or coarse. It is a matter of personal choice if people decide to keep or get rid of arm hair. Whatever the reason may be, there are a lot of arm hair removal methods which are effective and simple.

Let us learn about arm hair removal methods using different temporary methods that can be practiced at home and a brief note about the permanent options that should be performed only by a professional expert.

Popular Arm Hair Removal Methods

Hot wax, sharp razor, good thread, pointed clippers, and suitable creams are some of the products that are used to make the arms hairless and smooth. The following arm hair removal methods are popular and simple.

    1. Depilatory creams

       arm hair removal
      These chemical creams are the easiest way to get rid of the tiny or big curls on the arms. The chemical compounds present in the cream destroy the hair which can be cleaned easily by a wet cotton cloth. On the down side, not all people can use it, especially people with sensitive skin. It can burn, sting, tan, or result in allergies, burns, and rashes on the skin. Using only recommended creams from a dermatologist is safe for all, that too not regularly.

    2. Shaving

      This is the most common choice because of its easy approach, less time, and good results. A good blade cuts the hair from the surface of the skin and gives the skin a smooth feeling. The problem with this choice of hair removal is that the results are not long lasting and also there is a high risk of cutting and damaging the skin.

    3. Waxing

      It is the most widely used method to clear the hair from the arms. It also exfoliates the layer of accumulated dead skin cells and exposes the new skin. In some cases it can result in rashes, especially in case of people with sensitive skin, and is a painful process.Arm Hair Removal

    4. Sugaring

      Home made gel or sugar paste is used in this method to remove the hair. It is a temporary method and the hair grows back within 10 to 15 days. Less painful, stinging, and is recommended for people with sensitive skin who cannot tolerate waxing.

    5. Epilators

      These electrical or battery operated devices are used to pluck out many hairs at a time. But, it is an expensive investment and the pain involved is more. Hair grows back within 10 to 15 days and it does not take much time to remove them. It is easy to carry and is not messy, though every 6 months the blades or the discs should be changed.

    6. Tweezing

      Also called as plucking, it involves uprooting each single hair strand from the arm, but on a large area like arm, it is practically not possible to get rid of all the hair. It is a very time consuming and painful method. To add to the problem, it is also painful. Generally, it is advised to limit the use of tweezers only to eyebrows and upper lip area.

    7. Threading

      It is an option that is not as common in practice as shaving or waxing is when removing hair from the arms. Using a thread to trap and uproot hair needs lot of practice, patience, and the assistance of another person. This method involves little pain, but it can be problematic for people with sensitive skins. The result may not be as good as threading eyebrows or upper lip and facial hair.

Arm Hair Removal

Permanent Arm Hair Removal Methods:

  1. Laser

    Laser treatment is a permanent solution for those who want to get rid of the arm hair forever. It should not be practiced at home and must be done by a professional expert. This treatment is very expensive and consumes lot many days to give the final result. Laser beam is used to reduce the hair growth and destroy the roots of the hair and over a period of time the hair stops growing.

  2. Electrolysis

    Very small units of electric current are used to damage the hair roots and inhibit the growth of hair. Electrolysis is not affordable to all and can take very long time because it not only uproots each single hair but also destroys its roots. So far, it is the only method which has been approved by the FDA and it should be done by an expert.

These are the temporary and permanent methods that can remove the hair for shorter or longer durations. Choose one depending upon your comfort, affordability, and patience. Apart from these methods, electric shavers and hair inhibiting creams, and many other options can provide answer to the question how to remove arm hair. Always consider your skin sensitivity and do not blindly ape others. Obsession with anything is not good.

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