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Is Waxing the Underarms a Safe Method?

Waxing is one of the temporary options for getting rid of the underarm hair. Underarm skin is very sensitive when compared to other body parts. So is waxing the underarms a safe method? Waxing your underarms is the same as waxing any other body part. Waxing the underarms requires more care and you need to follow a few tips to prepare the skin for waxing. Depending on your preference and choice, you can opt for the best method to remove underarm hair.

Shaving armpits results in darkness of the skin, and not every skin type is comfortable with depilatory creams. Laser and electrolysis are expensive methods of hair removal, and this leaves waxing as one of the most sought after methods to get rid of the underarm hair. It is a bit painful but the result is good and lasts for 2 weeks to 4 weeks.

Waxing pulls out the hair from its root and regular waxing damages the hair follicles and causes the hair to grow thinner. To know more about how to wax underarms read on.

Important Points before Waxing:

  • Exfoliate your underarms by using a washcloth or scrub.
  • Use lukewarm water to soften the hair and the skin.
  • Avoid using a deodorant before and after waxing as it may irritate the skin.
  • If you are really concerned about the pain, you can take a mild painkiller half an hour before waxing. A numbing cream can also be applied.
  • Trim the underarm hair if it is too long. This helps the wax in getting a better grip.

Tips for Waxing the Underarms

Waxing your underarms can prove to be difficult and messy. Unlike areas such as hands and legs, waxing your underarms requires you to use both your hands simultaneously. Doing it right and achieving satisfactory results is tough. People who prefer waxing their underarms can lessen the discomfort by following a few tips.

    • The first rule of waxing is to cut curls that are any longer than half an inch, but not shorter than quarter of an inch.
    • Use clippers or scissors to cut the long hair short and cleanse the area. Long hair is painful when you pull them out and shorter hair is difficult to be uprooted and the end result may not be as per liking.
    • Wash the armpits clean and remove any deodorants, fragrance, or any other antiperspirant.
    • Dry the armpits and dust baby powder. Baby powder is used to soak excess moisturizer and any oil patches. And, it also helps the wax stick better to the hair.
    • Now melt the hard wax in microwave for a few seconds or place the wax bottle in a container with warm water.
    • The hair grows in all directions on underarms, so it is better to divide the whole area into separate sections and wax.
    • Using a spatula smear a thin layer of warm wax on the skin, in the direction of hair growth.
    • Place a neat cotton or muslin cloth on it, and press it in the direction of the hair growth. And in a jerk pull the strip in the opposite direction.

  • Press your palm if the stinging feeling is unbearable.
  • Remember to stop the process immediately if you experience any rashes.
  • Repeat the process of applying the melted wax and pulling the hair out in the similar fashion.
  • If the wax hardens, then melt it again and reuse.
  • Use baby oil to remove the extra wax sticking to the skin.
  • And finally apply moisturizer to soothe it.
  • If any rashes are noticed immediately apply ice cubes.

The skin of armpit is very sensitive and you need to be a bit careful while pulling out the strip. And to reduce the pain keep the strip as close to the skin as possible while uprooting the hair. These tips on how to wax underarms will not only result in smooth, hairless skin, but will also prevent dark coloration. For the first time preferably get it done at a salon. This will be easy and less painful and fast. Take the help of a friend if you are waxing your underarms at home.

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