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How Do Depilatory Creams Work?

Depilatory creams are popular among men and women for temporary hair removal. They are effective in removing the hair from the skin’s surface. They are very easy to use, convenient and painless. Depilatory creams contain chemicals that break up the protein bonds of the hair and remove them without any pain. Let us understand more about this process in brief.
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How Do These Creams Work?
Protein is the building block of hair and a healthy hair has a strong chain of these blocks. These hair removing creams have high content of certain chemicals that break the strong bonds of protein chain and weaken the hair to such a degree that it can be removed by simply washing it under the water or cleaning it with a wet cloth.

Does This Cream Remove Hair Only From A Specific Part?
The truth is that this option of hair removal works better on soft and fine hair type called the vellus hair. For coarser hair usually other methods are recommended. Also, the use of such creams is generally not suggested for delicate body parts like area around genitals, eyes etc.

It can be used for underarms, upper lip, arms, face, legs, stomach, and back hair. Different products are available for different parts of the body and the concentration of these chemicals is added or reduced accordingly. So, never use a cream on face that is meant for removing hair from legs.

Are These Creams Expensive?
Creams used for the purpose of removing hair temporarily are not very expensive and is affordable to many. But, the price range may differ from one product to another depending upon the part of the body that it is used for. In some brands the underarms depilatory cream might cost less than the cream specifically made for facial hair.

Is It Recommended For Any Particular Skin Type?

The good thing about depilatory creams is that they can be used on any skin type. Oily, dry, or combination, all hair and skin types can benefit from it. Some brands also make creams for sensitive skin types too. But, a word of caution is suggested to the sensitive skin types that they should avoid using these creams as it might trigger a negative reaction which could also become severe allergy.

It is also suggested that it is best to avoid applying it on skin parts with burn marks, scars, wounds, and cuts.

Is It Only For Women?

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No! Men too can use these creams and lotions but it is not at all suggested to remove beard with it. To know more, read our article on Depilatory Lotion For Men.

Are These Creams Laden Only With Chemicals?
No! hair removing chemicals are only one of the ingredients that are used in these creams along with other skin soothing elements like baby oil or aloe vera gel, or other moisturizing creams etc. It not only removes the hair, but it also removes the accumulated dead cells layer and gives a smooth feeling.

In most cases the users do not feel negative reactions. But still, using it on a regular basis is not advised irrespective of the fact if you have a sensitive skin or not.

Is Using These Creams Easy?Facial
Yes! Using creams does not require any practice like it is required for other hair removing methods. Just a simple application of cream on the skin for the suggested time and washing it off is all needed to get a hairless feel.
Some people might find it messy because of the cream application but otherwise it is an easy and instant job for the desired results.

How Do I Know If The Cream Suits My Skin?

Patch test is the best way to know if the cream suits your skin type or not. Smear a thick layer of the cream on a small part of the back of the knee, or the inside of the elbow, or the side of the ankle. Leave the cream to react and destroy the hair shafts at the skin surface for sometime (it is mentioned in the instructions) and wash it. it is better to wait for another 24 hours to see if any symptoms develop. If you do not see any signs even after 24 hours, only then use the cream or else discard it.

What Are The Precautions Needed?
Using the cream on broken skin or on skin with burns, scars, scratches, injuries, or wounds is highly advised against. Also, it is better if you wash your skin before using the cream as it removes any dirt and prevents unnecessary reaction and also opens the skin pores and aids in better removal of hair.

Are Depilatories Available In Any Other Forms?
Yes, depilatory creams are also available in different forms and people buy them as per their convenience and preference. Depilatory hair removing agents are available in gel, powder, lotion, spray, roll on and aerosol forms also apart from the common creams.





Is It Smelly?
The chemicals in the cream are a reason for the pungent smell it emanates. Chemicals like thioglycolate of calcium and sodium on reaction with the disulfide bonds of the hair generate the bad odor. The smell is not pleasant and it takes a day or two to get rid of the odor.

Is It Safe And Painless?

This process is a safe and painless method of getting rid of hair but it cannot be generalized. There are many people who may experience burning sensation, itching, redness, rashes, irritation etc. In such cases it should not be used.

Does The Hair Grow Thick?
On the contrary, the hair grows weaker and thinner with each usage. The strong protein bonds of hair are weakened because of the chemicals and the hair grows back thin.

Important Note: Always read the directions written on the box carefully. Each brand though follows the same principle they have different time limits and it is important know it before using. It is advised to learn and know more about the using directions and time limit.

Benefits Of Depilatory Creams:


  • Easy to use
  • Fast and easy
  • Painless
  • Cost effective
  • Re-growing hair is smooth and fine
  • Different forms are available
  • For different parts different concentrated products are available
  • Less time consuming
  • No ingrown hair problem
  • No pulling of hair or cutting of skin is witnessed


    • Skin irritation, itching, rashes, redness etc.
    • Allergy in case of sensitive skin
    • Not all forms are inexpensive


  • Blackening of skin is possible with regular use
  • The results are temporary and the hair grows back within 3 to 4 days
  • Unpleasant odor
  • Should not be used near eyes or genitals and other delicate parts

Most people who use depilatory creams don’t experience any side-effects like irritation or burning sensation. People with sensitive skin must avoid using depilatory creams as the harsh chemicals present in the cream may trigger an allergic reaction.

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