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Is Painless Waxing Possible?

A lot of men and women who opt for waxing are worried about one thing “pain”. Waxing and pain are synonymous. The opinion about pain involved in waxing differs among people. A few people say that one gets used to the pain over a period of time while others suggest other painless methods of hair removal. In spite of all the awareness and information available, a lot of us tend to ask the same question “Is painless waxing possible?”

Well, the answer to the question is that painless waxing is not possible. However, the pain can be considerably reduced by following a few tips. People experience pain during waxing as the hair follicles are pulled out from their roots. This also puts pressure on the skin resulting in pain. Using hot wax also contributes to the pain as the skin naturally reacts to the heat, stress or trauma.

Tips for Reducing the Pain Caused By Waxing

The pain caused by waxing can be reduced by following a few tips.

  • Take an over-the-counter pain reliever half an hour before waxing. You can also use a numbing gel.
  • Exfoliate the area a day before you wax. This will remove the dead skin cells and will soften the skin.
  • Avoid waxing during menstruation if you are planning to get a bikini wax. The skin is more sensitive during this time.
  • Trim your hair to a short length. This will help the wax to get a better grip and you wouldn’t have to repeat the process again.
  • Most people tend to hold their breath during waxing. Breathe freely as it helps reduce the pain.
  • You can try and cough while the wax is being pulled off your skin. By doing so, your mind is distracted from the pain. The good news is that it actually works.

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