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Pumice Stone Hair Removal

There are large amount of mineral deposits hidden inside our planet’s interiors. A volcanic eruptions one event which provides a outlet for these minerals to come to the earth’s surface along with the magma. When this magma mixes with water, a Pumice stoneis formed. Along with a sand paper, the rough surface of this stone can be used to remove hair. It is an ancient hair removal method. This article tries to further understand the topic – pumice stone hair removal.

How Pumice Stone Hair Removal Technique Works: This technique is used to remove the hairs on the leg. Initially, a soap should be used to wet the skin. Then a pumice stone is to rubbed on the leg. This creates a friction. The heat produce in the process is sufficient to destroy the root of the hair called the follicle. The hair wears off easily producing minimal irritation to. After the removal of the hair, a perfumed moisturiser is to be applied on skin. This reduces the risk of any inflammation or rashes to minimum. However, pumice stones should never be applied on dry, damaged or broken skin.

Benefits of Pumice Stones Hair Removal Techniques:

Easily Availability: These stones are available easily. Simple things required while using these stones like soap, moisturiser are easily available too.

Cost Effectiveness:It requires the supervision of the specialist doctors in order to undergo modern hair removal techniques like Laser hair removal and Electrolysis. Sophisticated instruments are used to remove hair here. For these reasons, the modern hair removal methods are very costly. Hair removal using pumice stones on the other hand is very simple and cost effective.

Done at Home in Complete Privacy: It is embarrassing for many people to remove their unwanted hair in public places like saloons or clinics. Pumice stones can safely be used to remove hair as par our convenience and in the privacy of home.

A Natural and Time Tested Hair Removal Technique: Laser hair removal technique applies powerful energy waves or depilatory creams contain harmful chemicals which remove the hair. They affect impose a serious impact on the health of the person undergoing these methods. Pumice stones are time tasted and natural substances.

6 responses to Pumice Stone Hair Removal

  1. Nice info…. when hair root follicle destroyed .. can hair be grown back?

  2. admin said on May 4, 2010

    Pumice stone removes hair only superficially…not from the follicle, so there is no reason to worry. But if the hair root is destroyed, hair does not grow back..There are some exceptions to this in rare circumstances that the hair does grow back.

  3. i have a dark underarm because i was using hair removal cream if i start using pumice stone will it reduce and what will the cost of the stone be and where shall i get it

  4. So , i should put the soap on my leg , then wash it and rub it with the pumice stone or put soap then rub it with pumice stone and then wash ?

  5. wat do we call a pumice stone in urdu? can anybody tell me?

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