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Facial Threading – What Is It?

Facial threading is one of the most common practices of hair removal. It is less painful when compared to waxing even though this process too plucks out the hair from its root. Facial threading involves the use of a strand of thread to trap a group of hairs, twist them, and remove them deftly at once. It is considered the best alternative to tweezing or waxing, especially for people who have sensitive skin.

Contrary to tweezing in which each individual hair is pulled out, threading removes many hair strands from the roots. It is faster and more effective than tweezing and less painful than waxing, though the results are not efficient.
The result of threading on areas of lips and eyebrows lasts for around 4 weeks and the facial hair threading results last up to six to eight weeks.

Following Are The Steps In Threading Facial Hair:

Unwanted hair on any woman’s face can rob off the beauty. But a hairless look can actually take off years from the face and make the person appear younger. Follow the tips to remove the face hair effectively using a thread.

    • 100% pure and strong cotton thread is the basic requirement for plucking out the undesired hair growth. Make sure the thread is of a good quality as there are no special threads available for it. Do not opt for cheap quality thread. Bad quality thread would snap more easily and frequently and interrupt the procedure.
    • Take a thread that is at least 2 feet long or is 24 inches in length. Short length threads do not give the desired result, and can be problematic in plucking the hair.
    • Tie both the ends of the thread to make a big circle.
    • Hold the knotted end in a hand and the other end in second hand.

  • Make a triangle of it by opening the fingers of the second hand, while holding the knotted end at one end.
  • Twist the thread a few times or around 4 to 10 times to form an ‘X’.
  • Place the thread on the skin and trap the hair between the ‘v’ of the ‘x’. The trapped hair is then pulled out by pushing the twisted part from one end to another.
  • To push the twisted part from one end to the other to pluck the hair, open the fingers and thumb at one end.
  • Likewise, push from the other end to move the twisted part back.
  • Always keep the skin taut for better results. The results will not be as good on loose skin.
  • This process of pushing the entwined part from one end to another on the skin helps uproot the hair.
  • It is always better to get it done by a friend or family member who knows how to do it and has some practice. Doing it by yourself may not give you the desirable result.
  • Lastly, apply moisturizer to soothe the skin.

Facial Threading Vs Waxing

    • Waxing for many is painful when compared to threading because the facial skin is very sensitive.

  • Hot wax has a chance of burning or scarring the skin where as threading does not pose any such threat. It is a safe process.
  • Threading is comparatively cheaper than waxing.
  • Waxing exfoliates the skin but threading does not.
  • Mild rashes and redness results after waxing the hair, but it may not be the case with threading. In case of sensitive skin, threading too will result in such skin reactions for some time.

Advantages of Facial Threading

    • It is less painful when compared to other hair removing methods.
    • It is cheap when compared to almost all the methods to get rid of the hair.
    • It does not take much time to get a hairless look.
    • Gives a cleaner look.

  • With little practice it can be done at home.

Downside of Facial Threading

  • It is not as effective as waxing is.
  • It is not permanent and hair grows back in a few weeks time.
  • If enough care is not taken then it can result in cut or scars.
  • In the absence of a trained practitioner, facial threading could become a nightmare.
  • It is absolutely harmful to try threading the hair on a face that has acne.

Visit a beautician before trying it at home. It is better to get trained for it to know how it is done properly. Threading facial hair is a painless, economical, and easy way when compared to other methods which are expensive, and painful. But, the results are not permanent and to have that fresh look you have to keep repeating the process every few weeks.

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