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How to make Homemade Pubic Hair Removal Cream?

While it is a matter of personal choice for many of us to remove pubic hair or not, there are many ways to do it. Sugaring is one of the many temporary choices like shaving, depilatory creams, waxing, and permanent options like electrolysis and laser treatment. Temporary methods should be performed on a regular basis to get that clean look down there. Sugaring, though is comparatively less painful than waxing, it almost works on the same principle that is uprooting the hair. Pubic area is a very sensitive area and uprooting the hair might not suit everyone. Sugar mixture is used to remove the hair, which can be made at home or can be bought readymade from the market.

Sugaring hair is a very old process of removing hair and originated in the Middle Eastern countries. The simple ingredients required for the preparation of the sugary paste can be easily found in the kitchen and the process is also not difficult to follow. Let us understand how sugaring gel or wax is made at home and how it is used to get rid of the genital hair.

Recipe for Homemade Pubic Hair Removal Cream

  • Take two cups of white sugar, quarter cup of lemon juice and quarter cup of water.
  • Mix all the three ingredients in a heavy bottomed saucepan and turn on the flame.
  • Allow the ingredients to melt on a low flame.
  • Take care that the mixture does not boil.
  • Using a candy thermometer, heat the mixture to 250 F.
  • Remove from heat and let it cool. Pour the solution into a jar for future use.

The best thing about sugaring is that the wax need not be re-heated like it needs to be in waxing. Allow the mixture to sit at the room temperature for a few minutes and it is ready to be used. If it is not melting then place the jar in an oven or in hot water.

Sugaring Pubic Hair – How to do?

      • Wash and cut the pubic hair short, if it is longer than quarter of an inch.
      • Washing also removes dirt and oily patches which might hinder the effectiveness of the process.
      • Dry the area properly.
      • Divide the whole area into smaller sections and sugar each part at a time.
      • Spread an even layer of the gel on the area using a spatula or with bare hands, in the direction of the hair growth. Many people apply two layers of it, the first one against the hair growth and the second one along the hair growth.
      • Either pull out the sugar wax with hands or use a fabric strip to uproot the hair in the opposite direction.
      • Repeat the process until all of the hair is removed.
      • You will experience some pain, and redness of the skin and some mild stinging feeling which will reduce in a few minutes. Use ice cubes to ease and numb the pain.
      • Wash the treated area with cold water.

Sugaring Pubic Hair – Advantages

      • The results of sugaring last for longer periods of time when compared to many other temporary hair removing options like shaving.
      • Sugaring is less painful when compared to waxing though it works similar to the latter method.
      • All the ingredients are natural products and no chemicals are used.
      • Sugaring solution can be made at home.
      • This solution need not be re-heated every time it is used.
      • It is not very expensive.
      • It is the best alternative for people with sensitive skin.
      • The strips used in this process to remove hair can be reused.
      • In comparison with waxing, sugaring causes less ingrown hair.

Disadvantages of Sugaring Genital Hair:

      • The preparation can be messy.
      • Sugaring is not as effective as waxing is.
      • It does not exfoliate the layer of dead cells as waxing does.
      • It takes lot of experience to get the right consistency of the paste.
      • It may not be very effective in removing rough and coarse hair.
      • This method too causes redness, ingrown hair problem, and stinging sensation.

Try all the methods and stick with the one that you like. Do not go by the hearsays and keep in mind your own comfort zone. If you are not comfortable with the idea do not opt for it. But, we strongly recommend that sugaring pubic hair should be done by an expert. Do not try it at home unless you know how to do it. This is a very delicate area and removing hair from this region should be done very carefully.

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