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No-No Hair Removal Device

“No-No” Hair Removal Device is considered an alternative to laser hair removal, done in the convenience of one’s own home. This device uses the scientific heat-based technology of Thermicon, and destroys the hair at the follicle level. One of the noteworthy point here is that since this device does not use light, it works effectively on all skin colors and hair types. The device is a simple ‘carry anywhere’ model and is battery operated, and has two blades to treat the short and the long hairs.

Thermicon Technology
Thermicon technology is scientifically based on the thermal principle of heat transfer, and does not use any light energy as opposed to the laser technology, which relies itself on light to identify the melanin component in the skin.

How does the No-No Hair Removal Device work?

No-No hair device works on the proven thermicon technology. A gentle heated pulse is conducted into the hair follicle, which transmits heat down the hair shaft into the follicle thereby removing hair at the contact point. At the first contact, due to the intensity of the heat, the hair is singed and removed at the level of the skin. The signal continues down to the root level and disrupts the communication responsible for hair growth, thus destroying the hair growth cycle. Once the process is complete, using the buffer ensures maximum smoothness on the treated area by removing the crystallisation, treated hairs, and exfoliation of the skin.

Steps to use the No-No Hair Removal Device

  • If you are using the device for the first time, charge it completely.
  • Remove the cover of the device, hold the Thermicon tip at an angle and insert into the post and straighten out the tip, pushing it into place.
  • Press the ON button and adjust the treatment level.
  • Hold the device at a 90-degree angle, making sure that the rollers are flat against the skin and the screen faces you.
  • Glide the device in a slow and smooth motion in the direction against the hair growth.
  • Ensure that the blue light is kept steady and does not flicker.
  • Buff the treated area with the buffer in a circular motion to smoothen out the treated area and remove the crystallization.
  • Rub in moisturizer to leave the skin supple and healthy.

No-No Hair Removal Device – FACTS

  • The device is not suitable for facial hair, breast hair, and genital hair.
  • Hair build-up might lead the device to malfunction.
  • Maintenance is essential for this device, which takes up a considerable amount of time.

So go ahead with the NO pain, NO Hair, NO chemicals, NO Mess formula!!!

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  1. I own a hair removal device. I have it at home and use it by myself, fast and it is great.
    It is very easy to use, and it feels just like the professional treatments, only with no pain at all!
    I started off at the lowest setting and I’m having completely satisfying results so far.

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