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Brazilian Waxing – Technique and Types

Brazilian Waxing is also called as bikini waxing which was introduced by the J. sisters who hailed from Brazil and hence the name. In this waxing the genital hair is removed partially or completely. It is a temporary option and the hair is removed only for a short period of time. Men and women wearing swimming costumes bikinis, and thongs, mostly prefer this kind of waxing, while there are many others who choose this method to get a clean feel.

Waxing pubic hair is a very painful experience and not all men and women can withstand it. Most of us usually opt to trim the hair and not get rid of it completely via this method. A few precautionary tips and steps will result in the easy removal of the undesired curly growth. The area around the genitals is very sensitive and enough precautions should be taken while doing the bikini wax. Let us learn more about it.

What Is Brazilian Wax?

It is a hair removing process which targets the pubic hair and gets rid of it partially or completely as per the customers demand. Hot, melted wax is used to make the pubic area hairless. It is different from the bikini line waxing. Bikini line aims at removing hair along the lines of bikini, so that hair is not seen when wearing a swim suit. Brazilian hot wax can be used for both men and women and it removes hair from the pubic area.

Types of Brazilian Waxing

  1. Landing Strip – This type of waxing leaves only a broader vertical strip in the front, typically termed as the landing strip.
  2. The Playboy Bikini Wax – This is much less than the landing strip and leaves a very tiny strip in the front.
  3. The Sphinx – In this type the hair all over the pelvic region is removed. The front, back, buttocks, anus, and the perineum are all covered and the hair is removed. Read to know more about full bikini waxing What is Sphinx Wax?

How Bikini Waxing Is Done?

Waxing procedure follows the same steps whether it is called by bikini, Brazilian, or any other name. Pubic area is a very delicate part and the hair removal process should be done by an expert who has a good record. An expert takes not more than 10 minutes to do it. Some people opt for partial hair removal and others choose to have a completely hairless feeling. Discuss with the expert and decide and accordingly get it done. Following are the steps involved. It is best to get the bikini wax done by an expert and not try it at home without any experience.

    • You are asked to remove clothes from waist down and lie down. You should not be shy and reserved when opting for bikini waxing. It is a pre-requisite to expose your private parts in order to get it waxed.
    • Do not shave the area for a couple of weeks to let the hair grow sufficiently. But make sure if they grow longer cut them short. Longer hair is more painful to uproot. Discuss this with the expert or leave it up to the esthetician to decide the length of the hair.
    • In case the pubic hair is long, he or she will cut the hair no shorter than quarter of an inch. Also, if the hair is too short to be waxed, then you might be asked to make another appointment, because short hair would not give satisfactory results.
    • Wash and dry the part. Use some baby powder on it to absorb the moisture from the hair. Dry hair sticks better to the wax.
    • The hard and hot wax is melted in a container with warm water or is heated in a microwave for a few seconds. Choose hot wax over cold wax because hot wax aids in easy hair removal by opening the pores.
    • With a spatula a thin layer of the melted wax is spread in the direction of the hair growth. Do not cover the whole area at once, but divide it in small sections and finish one section at a time.
    • Before the wax hardens, a neat cotton cloth is pressed on the wax firmly and with a sudden jerk the hair is pulled in the opposite direction.

  • Palm is pressed on the waxed area to reduce the pain. If any rashes are observed the esthetician might temporarily stop the process and use ice cubes to soothe the redness.
  • The same process of applying the melted wax and uprooting the hair is repeated until the whole area is covered. If the wax hardens, he or she will melt it again.
  • Bikini area is a very sensitive part and the skin is very delicate and removing hair from there is a very painful experience. You should be vocal about it. Ask the expert to take a break if you want the skin to be soothed for a few moments.
  • After waxing the whole area is moisturized with a natural lotion to soothe the irritation, pain, and stinging feeling.

Important Points to Be Remembered:

    • The wax should not be too hot or else it might burn the skin.
    • Once the process is done, use baby oil to clear remaining wax from the skin.
    • And use tweezers to remove the un-plucked hair.
    • Apply moisturizer to further soothe the area.
    • Avoid using chemical or fragrance based lotions or deodorants. It could irritate the skin.

  • Be very vocal about any discomfort you experience.
  • Ask the esthetician not to double dip the wax. It can carry infectious bacteria.
  • If possible pay extra and ask the expert to use a new wax can.
  • Avoid this beauty treatment if you are a high blood pressure, diabetes, heart patient, or suffering from urinary tract infection etc.

What Not to Do After Brazilian Waxing

  • Do not immediately expose the newly waxed part to the sun after genital waxing.
  • Avoid whirlpool, sauna, hot bath/shower, or similar others for a minimum period of 48 hours.
  • Avoid using exfoliating products to avoid irritating the skin.
  • Do not wear tight fitting clothes. Wear loose fitting clothes for the first 48 hours.

Advantages of Brazilian Waxing:

  • This method of hair removal results in hairless pubic area for at least 10 to 15 days.
  • The hair grows thinner and weaker.
  • When compared to expensive permanent solutions this method is affordable.
  • The hair growth is also slower around this area after using this temporary hair removing method.

Disadvantages of Bikini Waxing:

  • It is a very costly technique requiring spending up to $100.
  • It requires licensed specialist to perform this technique. They are called Estheticians.
  • It is a very painful method to remove the hair using this technique. However, the pain is short lived.
  • People suffering from infection, diabetes and poor blood circulation cannot undergo this technique.

Is It Recommended For All?

Not all beauty treatments and hair removing methods are meant for all. Following people should avoid it:

  • People with sensitive skin should avoid not only bikini or Brazilian wax, but should also be very careful while using other methods. It could give them rashes, and allergies.
  • People whose skin reacts negatively to any treatment, etc.
  • People who are concerned about price factor should also think about it twice.
  • Those who are not very comfortable exposing their private parts to strangers should avoid it.

Go ahead and give it try, who knows – A little pain might be worth the effort. Remember never to use hot water on the skin after waxing pubic hair. Do not use any alcohol based product like gel, lotion, or cream to soothe the stinging feeling. Instead opt for an aloe vera based product. These are some of the tips one must evaluate before opting for Brazilian hair removal method. Many men and women prefer this method but if you are not one amongst them, who are comfortable with it, you should choose other options.

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