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Shaving with Butter

Well, the most traditional and conventional way of shaving is with the help of shaving cream, shampoo, soaps, body wash, or even with water. But can you shave with butter? Yes! You can absolutely use butter to get rid of that stupid, ugly, weird hair on your body. Be it Shea butter or even peanut butter they can totally be used to shave. The beauty of using butter is that it leaves your skin smooth and glowing. Shaving with butter can make you a lil apprehensive, but in the end it can be totally worth it. No harm in trying right? But if you are considering to use it. Please do follow these simple steps in order to avoid any unwanted cuts.

Simple Steps:

These simple steps are super easy to follow and you don’t have to put any specific effort to shave.

  • Shaving with cream or any other thing requires you to wet your skin, it’s the same way with butter too. The shave with better is most effective when you shave once you have taken a shower or a bath. The reason being that your skin is at it’s moist best after a nice shower or a bath.
  • Once your skin is moist, apply a very thin layer of butter over the desired wet area.
  • Having applied the butter, shave it like you usually do.
  • After shaving the entire area, whip the skin with a dry towel.
  • The end result is that it would leave your skin super glowing and as smooth as silk.

The best part about using butter is that it acts as a natural moisturiser. This amazing moisturising effect helps the razor to smoothly glide across the skin. There is less probability of you getting any irritation. It not only easy to shave, but also leaves the skin smooth, glowing and this can be a super great feeling.


: It has to be noted that not every butter can be applied as easily as a shaving cream or a shampoo, so it is important that the butter should be soft while applying it to the skin. Whip the butter before applying it on the skin. To the butter you can also add other ingredients like jojoba Oil, Virgin oil or even honey, these ingredients help in nourishing the skin and the best part is that they also help in removing blemishes.`

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