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Tips On How To Shave Armpits

Shaving armpit hair is a popular method to remove armpit hair. It is an effective, cheap, fast, and safe method for temporary hair removal. People often ask how to shave armpits in a correct way to avoid redness, blisters, plucked hair, and darkness. A good blade, lukewarm water, shaving gel, and a few minutes of patience are some of the simple tips on how to shave armpits properly.

Though there are other new options available, shaving remains the most popular and preferred one. Depending on your personal choice, you can opt for temporary or permanent hair removal. The other popular ways to remove armpit hair are waxing, depilatory creams and laser treatment.

Why Remove Underarm Hair?

People may opt for shaving armpit hair due to various reasons. Fashion concerns, sweat gland problems, personal hygiene and cleanliness top the list. Professional athletes choose to remove their underarm hair as it helps reduce friction and improves their performance.

Shaving underarms for men is more important because their body odor is fouler smelling than the body odor of women. Armpit hair, bacteria, and perspiration can cause the sweat to smell bad, but removing or shaving the underarm hair can address the problem sufficiently.

Shaving Tips To Get Rid of Armpit Hair:

Following are the points that would ensure a smooth and clean shave.

    • First of all cut the underarm hair if long and dense. It is not safe to shave long hair. The risk of plucking out hair is more. It can lead to bad blisters, and possible infection. Using sharp scissors trim the hair short.
    • Wash the part with warm water for at least a couple of minutes to open up the follicles. Or take shower for the same. Wash any deodorants, perfume, and sweat for easy and effective shaving.

    • Use a gel or cream meant for shaving. It lathers the skin and moistens and softens it and aids in easy removal. Leave the gel for a minute or two. This will help in smooth shave. Avoid using soap as it dries the hair but in case you do not have any other option use it.
    • Use a sharp or new blade and avoid using worn out blade. The thumb rule to know if a blade is old and worn out is to observe if you are applying pressure while shaving. New blade does not require pressure. Replace the old blade with a new one.
    • Unlike legs or arms removing hair from armpits is not a one directional move. Hair tends to grow in all directions. Upwards, downwards and side ways. And accordingly they have to be removed. Shave upwards, downwards and side to side.
    • After each stroke clear the blade off any stuck hair. Stuck hair hinders smooth removal. Dip the razor in water between strokes.
    • Do it slowly and do not rush through the process. Take care not to cut or scrape the skin.
    • Shaving only in one direction can result in dark underarms. Therefore, take care to shave in all the directions according to the natural growth of the hair. For closer shave run the razor in the opposite direction too.
    • Rinse the armpit or wash it with lukewarm water once you finish shaving.
    • Never use an antiperspirant, deodorant, or perfume on the shaved area immediately. The chemicals present in them may cause irritation to the skin.

  • If you feel any irritation or itching while shaving, stop the procedure immediately. Apply ice cubes to soothe the irritation.
  • Stubble grows in a day to 3 days depending upon the growth rate of the hair. Either shave every 3 days or if you can, then wait for a week before shaving.
  • Exfoliate the next day or two days later to clear the pores from any accumulated dirt and prevent ingrown hair and red bumps problem.
  • Removing dead cells accumulated on the skin helps the hair grow straight out of the pores. If not, it grows back inside and results in ingrown hair.

The natural look is slowly gaining popularity and most people prefer keeping their body hair. Whether you choose to remove armpit hair or keep it, or simply trim it is your personal choice, but make sure that you take proper care, practice high standards of hygiene and cleanliness. Exfoliate the dead cells and always keep the skin clean and dirt free and prevent the bacterial action and bad body odor.

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