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Tips On How To Shave Your Stomach Hair

I was sharing a big flat with two of my friends. One of them was a fitness freak and the other would binge on anything that was eatable. Both of them had excess growth of hair on their body and they frequently asked how to shave your stomach hair? The only common factor between them was they hated waxing. Thankfully, I never had the problem of excess hairiness.

Here Are A Few Simple Tips On How To Shave Your Stomach Hair:
A razor, good quality and sharp one, a good gel or cream, lukewarm water, and a suitable moisturizer are the few things that are needed for this method of hair removal.

    • Take a shower for a few minutes or rinse the belly with lukewarm water to moisten and soften the hair. It is easier and safer to use a razor on wet skin than dry skin. Dry skin runs the risk of more cuts and plucked hair.
    • Now use a good shaving cream and create lather on the stomach. Allow this to further soften the hair. This aids in smooth and easy removal of those ugly hair growth on belly.
    • Take a sharp razor and very gently shave in the direction of the hair growth. This will remove most of the hair.

  • Now for closer shave, run it patiently against the direction of the growth.
  • Wash with lukewarm water and pat dry.
  • Apply a good moisturizing cream.

Other Important Points:

    • Remember a thumb rule to know if your blade is old and worn out. Sharp blade does not require pressure, while old blade does. If you are using pressure to shave, then it is time to replace it.
    • Old blades result in plucked, ingrown hair.
    • They also increase the risk of cuts and abrasions.
    • Try and avoid using soap. It can be easily washed away and does not have the same effect as a shaving gel has.
    • In case of irritation, itchiness, and redness stop the procedure immediately and apply ice cubes.

  • Do not use any deodorants or other strong chemical based creams after shaving.
  • Between two strokes dip the blade in water to clear any stuck hair. Stuck hairs obstruct smooth shave and can result in cuts, and ingrown hair.

These are a few steps on how to shave your stomach hair safely. Follow all the tips with patience and enjoy a hairless feeling.

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