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Wax Bikini Area

Men and women have always wanted to stop the unruly growth of excessive hair growth on the body other than head. Wax Bikini Area or Shaving to remove the edges of pubic hair is a widely practiced temporary method. Pain, rashes, and ingrown hair are some of the side effects of this practice. Hard wax, pre-epilation oil, baby oil, petroleum jelly, and aloe vera based gel are a few things that are required to wax bikini area.

Tips  To Remember Before Wax Bikini Area :

Not all women want to wax bikini area using hot wax, or melted sugar. Some prefer shaving, and others trim. Cleanliness, hygiene, and enough care should be taken that the wax is not double dipped.

  • Wax Bikini area is not full pubic hair removal. It only removes the lines or the edges of the hair line so that a woman can wear a swim suit confidently.
  • For extreme or full removal Brazilian wax is more apt.
  • It is always suggested that people with sensitive skin type should try and avoid getting this way of getting rid of the unwanted curl growth.
  • Each woman’s tolerance level is not the same and the pain differs from one area to another. Ladies who feel more pain when they wax their upper lip then they should think twice before trying out this process.
  • Let the hair grow around the area. Cut then if they grow more than half an inch. Keep them quarter inch long. Longer hair should not be waxed, and shorter hair cannot be removed.
  • For health reasons do not try to remove the undesired curls during menstrual period. The skin grows even sensitive and can be more painful as well as unhygienic.
  • Take a shower before going for the method. Waxing works better on clean, and dirt free skin.
  • Dry the area well and wear a cotton under garment to soak all the sweat. Dry hair is easy to be pulled out.
  • Above all, try and avoid doing it all by yourself at home. It is always good to get it done by a professional at a local spa.

Points To Remember During Wax Bikini Area

  • Make sure that the wax to be used is hard as the hair around pubic area is coarse. When it is warmed it smoothes and then hardens as it cools so that no cotton strip is used.
  • Apply some pre-epilation oil first. It works better with hard wax.
  • Now apply a layer of warm wax, first against the growth and then the second layer with the hair growth.
  • See to it that the esthetician does not double dip the spatula in the wax, as it is not hygienic and could be a potential reason for infections like herpes.
  • Apply it beyond the edge of the bikini line because the extra wax is used to pull out the hair.
  • As the wax becomes dry, it hardens and the better the waxing is.
  • If not fully dried, the hair will not come out completely.
  • Now, slightly flick the hardened wax from the point that is beyond the hair line.
  • Hold the skin tight on the other side of it, and pull the wax against the direction. For example, if the hair is growing from left to right. Then apply the first layer of wax from right to left and then from left to right, and then exceed the hair line. And, finally pull it from right to left.
  • Do not pull it upwards.
  • If you still see any un-pulled hair then using tweezers pull it out.
  • Use baby oil or petroleum jelly on the area to remove any wax residues.
  • Finally use a good aloe vera based cream or gel to soothe the skin.

These tips for wax bikini area will help you avoid many potential infections and enjoy wearing a swim wear with confidence.

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