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Arm Waxing Tips At Home

Arm waxing gives you soft, smooth, hairless skin on hands and gives a charming appeal to it. But, expensive spa and beauty treatments are not feasible for all. Arm waxing is preferred by many women, as it is comfortable to perform at home, costs less and consumes less time, unlike other waxing methods.
Arm Waxing

Following are the Arm Waxing Tips:

  • First of all, waxing too short hair, or hair sprouts will not give the desired results, so wait until they grow ¼ inch at least, but not more than ½ inch.
  • It will be painful to uproot longer hair and difficult to get rid of shorter ones.
  • Wash your arms and pat dry.
  • Use a pre-wax cleanser.
  • Now, dust very lightly some baby powder. The purpose of baby powder is to dry any oil patches and help the wax stick better to the hair.
  • Heat the wax in a microwave or put the bottle in warm water.
  • Use a flat stick or spatula and on a small part of the arm apply the melted wax.
  • Immediately press a neat and clean cotton strip and press with hand in the direction of the hair growth. Do it before the wax hardens.
  • In a jerk peel the strip in against the direction of the hair growth.
  • If you experience a stinging feeling, then press the part with hands. This will help reduce the pain.
  • For less pain try to keep the strip as close to the skin while pulling it against the direction.
  • Repeat the process until all the hair from both the hands is removed satisfactorily.
  • If the wax hardens then melt it again in microwave or warm water.
  • Do not wash it with hot water to clean the arms.
  • Use baby oil to remove excess wax on the arms.
  • Apply a good moisturizer to soothe any redness.
Hair at waxed areas will grow back in two to eight weeks, results are far better.


In case you experience any rash while doing arm waxing, stop the process immediately and apply ice cubes to the area.


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