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Tips For Men To Wax Chest Hair At Home

Why don’t you wax chest hair, it looks clean, smooth and attractive. Tattoos on your chest will look¬†delightful¬†and attractive and gives you a modern look.

Many years ago when my brother started to work out in the gym, he would flex his tiny bicep muscles and try to garner as much praise as he could. Today, he has sculpted his body very well with 8 pack abs, a fit body, and owns a gym. He recommends to all his friends to wax chest hair off and show off the body.

Here Are Some Of The Tips To Help Men Wax Chest Hair:Wax Chest Hair

  • Trim the hair on the chest before waxing. This is very important as pulling off long hair can be very painful and runs the risk of ingrown hair.
  • Use clippers or scissors to trim the hair on the chest. Make sure that you do not trim it less than quarter of an inch. It would be difficult to wax shorter hair and the desired result will not be achieved.
  • Take a shower before waxing or at least wet the area for a few minuets and cleanse it thoroughly. Or use a cleanser.
  • Pat dry the chest area.
  • Very lightly dust some baby powder to absorb any moisturizer and oil patches.
  • Baby powder also makes the melted wax stick better to the hair.
  • Melt the hard wax in microwave for a few seconds or place it in a container with heated water.
  • Using a spatula apply the melted wax on a small section of the chest in the direction of the hair growing.
  • Now, firmly press a neat cloth of cotton strip on it and slightly press with hands again in the direction of the growth.
  • In a jerk pull the cotton strip against the direction of the growth to uproot the hair from the roots.
  • If the stinging feeling is unbearable then press the area with palms. It will soothe the pain.
  • For less pain keep the cloth very close to the skin while pulling the strip.
  • If you experience any rashes then stop the procedure immediately and apply ice cubes. And after a few minutes a good moisturizer to soothe.
  • Repeat the process of applying the wax and pulling off the strip until all the hair from the chest is removed.
  • Apply baby oil to the area to remove excess wax from the skin.
  • Never wash with hot water after waxing.

These are the easy steps to wax chest hair and enjoy the smoothness of the skin and be the prince charming for your love. When you wax chest hair, it will not grow up to 2 to 8 weeks.

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