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How To Do Threading For Legs? – Easy Step By Step Procedure

The small, tiny hair on body, arms, and legs is not a pleasant thing to look at, that too if the color of the hair is dark and skin has light color. Many men and women ask for various methods to remove the undesired hair growth and how to do threading is one such query. A cheap, painless, and good but temporary method involves nothing more than a good quality thread and a few minutes of patience. It is a skill that can be acquired with practice and anyone who is interested in learning can do so without any problems. A strong thread, skillful movement of fingers, and natural moisturizer is all that is needed. Let us learn how to do threading for legs.
Threading For Legs

Items Required – Threading for Legs

The following things are needed to thread the legs.

  • Strong thread of cotton
  • Clippers or tweezers
  • Moisturizing cream

Procedure – Threading for Legs

Threading is an easy procedure and involves only a few basic steps that can help remove the hair in a way that is less painful.

  • The only requirement for this hair removing procedure is to have a good quality strong cotton thread. Cheap quality thread would snap easily so avoid using them just to save some cents.Threading your legs
  • Take a long thread that is approximately 24 inches or is 2 feet in length. Short thread is difficult to wrap around the fingers, trap the hair and remove them.
  • To make a big circle tie both the ends of the thread.
  • Hold the circle in both the hands, and twist it at the center. The twist creates a big ‘X’.
  • Entwine the thread further by twisting it somewhere between 4 to 10 times.
  • The twisted area can be pushed from one end to the other end, when the fingers and thumb of one hand is opened while closing the fingers of the other hand simultaneously. This takes lot of practice though.
  • Similarly, from the other end the entwined part can be pushed when the fingers and thumb of the closed hand is opened.
  • Practice it as much as you can before actually trying it out on the skin. This back and forth of the entwined part will trap and uproot the hair from the skin and give it a smooth, hairless feeling.
  • Now, after practicing enough to push the wounded part from one end to other end, it is time to try it on the legs.
  • Place the entwined part on the skin and start pushing it back and forth against the hair growth to easily pull out the hair.
  • Take care not to be too rigorous and hasty with the procedure, it might unnecessarily hurt the skin and result in ingrown hair problem or even cut the skin.

 Threading for Legs

After Care – Threading for Legs

  • Use a cream based on natural ingredients rather than a chemical cream to soothe the irritated skin.
  • Do not wash it immediately after threading, especially with warm water.
  • Threading to some extent exfoliates the skin and removes the dead skin layer.
  • Do not scrub the skin after threading.
  • If any un-plucked hair is seen pull it out using tweezers.

In a few minutes you will get smooth and hairless legs, without any danger of rushing a blade on the skin and fearing cuts and scrapes or using the hot wax or the painful hair plucking. These simple steps on how to do threading for legs need a bit of practice, but it is not a permanent way and the hair will grow back in 3 to 4 days. Though this method is majorly practiced to remove facial hair, there are many who try it out on other larger parts of the body too like arms and legs however tedious it can be.

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