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Galvanic Electrolysis -Overview, Advantages, And Disadvantages

My colleague took a hasty decision and at the first available opportunity she opted for a not so permanent laser treatment to get rid of the facial hair. Unsatisfied, she consulted some experts the next time and opted for Galvanic Electrolysis. The difference was clearly visible on her face and she was happy, though it was a costlier affair for her.

What Is Galvanic Electrolysis?
Galvanic electrolysis is one of the oldest types of electrolysis but the most effective, expensive, and time consuming. This method uses sharp needles that pass electric current and destroys the follicles permanently. A needle is inserted and each strand of hair is electrified. The electric voltage is set at a low level so that it only destroys the follicle. The tissue where new hair begins to form causes a chemical reaction that releases sodium hydroxide. Galvanic electrolysis releases a small amount of sodium hydroxide enough for cauterizing the follicle. It is non toxic and does not damage the skin in anyway.

Customer is asked to hold on to a metal cylinder so that the current is passed sufficiently and it reacts with the root and destroys the root sac completely without any chance of hair growth in future.

Advantages of Galvanic Electrolysis:

  • The results are permanent and the skin is hairless after its usage.
  • Galvanic electrolysis is the only method that has been approved as a permanent hair removing method.
  • When compared to laser and IPL the results are effective and better.
  • Carefully each hair strand is removed and ensured that it does not grow back.
  • It can be used for smaller and larger areas of skin.
  • It can also be used on the delicate skin areas like bikini line, underarms, eyebrows, and upper lip.

Disadvantages of Galvanic Electrolysis:

  • It is a painful way of getting rid of the hair. Though modern technologies have lessened the amount of pain involved. It is not fully painless.
  • It is very expensive and it needs many numbers of sessions to fully remove the hair, because each hair strand is dealt with individually.
  • If not done with enough care and precaution, it can result in semi hair growth and will not make the skin hairless.
  • It can also result in skin damage, infection, and other skin problems.

These are the advantages, disadvantages, and a summary about galvanic electrolysis in simple words. It is strongly advised that you get a few recommendations from the expert or the electrologist, and know all the guidelines about the procedure beforehand.

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