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Tips To Have A Hairless Body

The first time I saw hair on my armpits, I was scared. It was a huge relief when I confided it to my friend who was also confused. Thankfully her elder sister helped us understand the reasons and also ways to have hairless underarms and eventually hairless body. Puberty and the hormonal changes associated with it are the main reasons for hairy growth on certain parts of the body. To remove the hair many different alternatives are present in the market. waxed body

Hairless Body:
Let us understand how these various alternatives work and what are the precautions and important notes to be remembered when using them.

    1. Thechemically laden creams are called depilatories, which are available for different parts of the body, with different combinations and price range. The basic purpose of these creams is to react with the hair structure and destroy it. It is very fast and easy to use, but is not very safe for regular use because of the allergic reactions, dark patches, skin burn etc. Use the cream on the skin as per the directions mentioned on the box. Do not exceed time limit as it might have negative result.
    2. Threading cuts the hair growth from the surface of the skin and gives temporary relief from the hair growth. Tie the ends of a long thread of cotton and twist it 4 times to make an ‘x’ and wrap it around the fingers. Opening the fingers of one hand while closing the fingers of the other hand push the twisted part from one end to other. Do it on the skin surface to remove hair.It needs a lot of experience to do it at home. It is not costly but it requires frequent visits to the parlor if you do not know how to do it at home.

Hairless Body

    1. Shaving method cuts the hair from the skin surface and makes it hairless for a day or two before stubble grows. Shave in the direction of hair growth and then against it for a better result. The point to be remembered is that placing a razor near eyebrows, upper lip, or pubic is not very safe and utter care should be taken. Discontinue it in case of any irritation experienced.
    2. Uprooting the hair from the follicles give better results but is a painful process. Hotwax is used on the skin and with the help of a cotton strip the hair is pulled out. It could result in some mild rashes and is painful. Ice cube and a good moisturizer should be used to ease the trouble. It is a messy option though the results are satisfying and it also helps exfoliate the skin.
    3. Sugaring too works on the same principle of waxing. Except for the fact that it does not exfoliate the skin and is less painful.

Hairless Body

  1. Using a good and pointed tweezers hair is pulled out and this process is called plucking. It is a very simple process that is not very risky or costly, but is very time consuming. Uprooting each hair strand is not possible on large body areas like stomach, legs, chest, back etc, and the use of this method is limited to upper lip and eyebrows only.
  2. Laser treatment reduces the growth of hair on the body drastically and in many cases it totally inhibits it. Passing a beam of light the hair follicle is destroyed and the color of the hair is lightened. People with darker skin and hair color are usually not suggested this type of hair removal. It can lead to discoloring patches and if not adequately done, it can also result in discolored patches on the skin. The treatment is costly and it takes many sessions before the completion of the treatment.
  3. Electrolysis removes the hair permanently. Using a needle shaped electrode each hair is uprooted and small voltage of current is passed through it to destroy the sacs from which these hair generate. Time consumption is more because the hair grows in different phases and is an expensive choice.

Apart from these, other choices like epilators, friction method, etc also give hairless body. Each person is different, his or her hair growth pace, thickness, etc all differ and so does their decision to choose one or all of the methods.

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