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Body Hair On Women -Which Hair To Be Removed?

We all have tiny and soft hair called vellus all over our body and they also are essential for maintaining the temperature of our body. As we enter teenage and hit puberty, we experience certain hormonal changes. The thousands of tiny body hair on women and men change to thick, coarse, dark, dense, and long hair called terminal hair. It is essential to keep the terminal hair trim or remove them completely because they are a safe haven for the bacteria to grow.

Body Hair On Women:

Unlike in men, women thankfully do not grow terminal hair all over their body. Arms, legs, underarms, and pubic area are the only places where the long, visible, and thick hair grows. In some fortunate beings, even these terminal hairs are not that prominent. This all depends on genetics, hormones, and other factors involving the growth of hair.

  • In many women Hirsutism could be a problem due to various reasons and result in an excess production of terminal hair not only on the expected parts of the body, but also on the unusual areas too. Facial hair, hair on cheeks, upper lip, and in some hair on stomach and chest. It is better to get rid of these hairs, as they mar the physical beauty of a woman.
  • Hair on arms and legs should be removed if they grow long and are thick, so that women should not fear accidental uprooting of the hair. Also, removing hair gives an unnatural shine and smoothness to the skin.
  • Hair on arms, and legs should be removed in case you prefer to have regular massages. This will not pain or hurt during the process.
  • Pubic hair should be trimmed (recommended) or removed because long and thick hair would take more time to dry, and moist areas are haven for bacteria to grow. So, at times body hair on women does cause hygienic problems.
  • It is essential to clear all the hair from the armpits. This is again because the bacteria flourish in this area and create a bad body odor.
  • It was found in some studies that athletes those who have hairless body perform well at their sports than the ones who have hairy body. Swimmers and athletes prefer to remove whole body hair, while cyclists remove hair from legs. Wrestlers and other sports people do it to prevent scarring, rubbing, and scraping of the hair during the sports.

Shaving, waxing, threading, plucking, laser, and electrolysis are the available treatments for removing body hair on women. It is a personal choice what method to use, and whether you desire to have hairless body completely, but removing hair from armpits and trimming pubic hair should be practiced regularly. So, body hair on women can be removed completely or trimmed as per your wish.

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