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How To Get Rid Of Stomach Hair?

Getting rid of the unwanted hair from underarms, legs, arms, and pubic area is widely practiced but people find it confusing and puzzling if stomach hair removal is a norm or not. To answer the query on how to get rid of stomach hair, I suggest most of the temporary and permanent hair removing methods can be used. Shaving, waxing, creams, electrolysis and laser are the most recommended techniques. For those who do not want to remove the hair completely can also opt for bleaching.

I was absolutely scared when many years ago the beautician used the same spatula to apply the hot wax on me that she used on someone else’s body. Ever since I stopped going to the parlor for beauty treatments. I use different techniques at home for stomach hair removal and for removing unwanted hair from different parts of the body.

How to Get Rid of Stomach Hair:

Not all temporary methods can be used because of their impracticality and time consumption. For example, threading could be tiring to cover such a large area as stomach or back or arms and legs. Also, the results would not be as satisfying as other methods would result in. Plucking each hair strand using tweezers is not possible and is very time consuming and painful. Hence, only the following tips are suggested for hairless stomach. Let us learn more about these different methods on how to get rid of stomach hair.

    1. Depilatory Creams to Eliminate Undesired Hair:

      Proteins are the building blocks of hair and it nourishes the follicles to grow. Depilatory creams have properties that can be damaging to these building blocks. These creams have higher levels of chemical content in it that destroy the hair immediately. These characteristics of the cream react with the proteins and within a few minutes damages and dissolve the hair.

      This is an easy, less time consuming, and simple way, but it is not recommended for long term use. It runs the risk of burning the skin, resulting in rashes, tanning the skin or developing allergies. In such a case, stop the application immediately and apply ice cubes to the affected area.

    2. Shave The Problem Of Hirsutism:

      Shaving is the most cost effective method for the problem of Hirsutism – the excess growth of hair. Soften the hair on stomach with water for a couple of minutes, then apply a layer of shaving gel and very gently shave in the direction of hair growth first, and then against the growth to get a good result. Do not rush through it.

      Shaving cuts the hair from the skin surface and does not uproot it. Shaving against the direction would give a smooth and closer shave, but the results last only for a day or two. It is easy, cheap, and not time consuming, but it runs the risk of cutting or scrapping the skin if not done properly. Click to know how to Shave stomach hair

    3. Wax The Unwanted Curls:

      Waxing is done by melting the hot wax and smearing a thin layer of it on the skin. The hair is then pulled out by pressing a cotton strip on the wax. This gives the best results, exfoliates the skin, and removes the dead skin layer too. But, it could be messy and painful for many.

      A slightly painful and stinging experience, waxing gives good results and lasts longer than depilatory creams and shaving. Cold and hot wax can be used for this purpose. This method not only gets rid of the unruly curls but also removes the dead skin accumulation, and gives soft and smooth feeling. Use ice cubes in case of redness. Click to know more about Waxing stomach hair

    1. Use Sugaring to Get Rid of The Unruly Hairy Growth:

      Sugaring works like waxing does, and it too uses sugar hot wax. The thick and consistent sugar syrup wax is melted, applied and then using a strip of cotton cloth uproots the hair. It is less painful when compared to waxing but it does not exfoliate the skin. It just pulls the hair out.

      This has been an ancient way and is still being rampantly used by many. In this method the sugar gets stuck to the hair and does not remove the dead skin.

    2. Electrolysis:

      Electrolysis is a permanent but lengthy, tiresome, and expensive process, in terms of money and time. In electrolysis electric current is used to destroy the hair follicles and stops them from growing again.

      The heat generated through this procedure damages the roots of the follicles permanently and gives a smooth, hairless skin.

  1. Laser:

    Laser treatment works almost on the same principle as that of electrolysis. In laser treatment a beam of light is used instead of electric current to destroy the roots of the follicles permanently.

    This process is not for everybody, as it is a very expensive treatment but not time consuming as electrolysis.

These are a few tips on how to get rid of stomach hair. Choose the one that you are most comfortable with, if not then bleaching is always an option to lighten the hair color and hide it. If you are not comfortable or if you experience any discomfort, pain, irritation, or reaction, immediately stop the process and use ice cubes and a natural moisturizer to soothe the skin. Any of these methods help maintain the hygienic standards and also get the smooth feeling on the body. I hope that these tips on how to get rid of stomach hair was of great use for you.

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