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What Is The Bikini Line? – A Brief Note

Not all women are crazy about removing each single hair strand from their body but many are! Thankfully, I am not one of those who would scream at a grey hair on head or panic if body hair is not removed for a week. Curious, one day I looked for What Is The Bikini Line? on internet and out of boredom decided to shave it. The end result was fantastic and felt good about doing it, but I still do not go overboard with it.

What Is The Bikini Line?

The pubic hair that grows at the joint of the thing and pubic area is called bikini line. The hair around this area can be seen if a woman were to wear a bikini or a swim suit. This is not a pleasant sight to look at and hence men and women prefer to shave, wax, or find other solutions to get rid of it.

What Are The Different Methods To Get Rid Of Bikini Area Hair?
Pubic area is a sensitive part and shaving, waxing, sugaring, laser, and electrolysis is only recommended for the purpose. Plucking, threading, and chemical creams are not advised as they can be too painful, unpractical, and involve high risk of reaction respectively.

    1. Shaving

      Shaving can be done at home but it is a temporary way and requires frequent repetitions to keep the area hair free. Also, the risk of ingrown hair is highest in using this method.

      Cut the long hair short, rinse with lukewarm water, use a shaving gel, and carefully remove the hair. Do not use it very close to labia or vagina. It could scrape or cut the delicate part. Read the article on how to Shave bikini area

    1. Creams

      Creams are also one of the ways to clear the hair from this sensitive area. The high levels of chemical presence in these creams, lotions, sprays, etc destroy the hair on the surface of the skin and give a hair free feel in a few minutes time.It is most suited to people who are very apprehensive about getting a wax done either because of the pain or the fear of exposing their genital part to a stranger. On the down side these creams potentially damage the skin and cause reactions and allergies.

    2. Epilator

      Epilator is an electric device that uproots the hair and works on the basic principle of waxing and tweezing. The rotating discs, springs and other models help pluck out many hairs at a time and give a smooth and hairless feeling along the bikini line.
      It is a painful process and may not suit those with sensitive skin type and is also an expensive deal to invest in. Make sure you want to use it on a regular basis otherwise it would not be a wise investment. Click to learn more about bikini epilator.

    3. Waxing

      Waxing should be done by an expert because of the sensitivity of the involved area. Doing it once in a few weeks would give adequate results. The only hiccup for reserved people would be to expose their privates to a stranger.
      The expert crops the long bikini hair to the desired length, applies melted wax, and uproots the hair using a neat cotton cloth. Read more about Waxing bikini area

  1. Laser

    Laser method results in permanent hair removal and is done by a professional. A light ray is passed to reduce the hair growth and eventually destroy the follicles and result in hairless bikini line.
    This process takes lot of time, energy, and is monetarily expensive.

  2. Electrolysis

    Electrolysis too is a permanent solution for hair removal and is done by a professional. It uproots each hair strand using a needle like electrode and the follicles are destroyed by passing low voltage current.
    It is a very expensive way to be hairless and is usually not affordable for all. Know how Bikini Line Electrolysis works.

These different methods to remove hair and an explanation on what is the bikini line should prepare the readers. It is completely an individual’s choice whether to actually shave, wax, or use any other hair removal option, if at all he/she wants to do it.

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