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How Does Hair Removal Cream Work? – A Brief Note

Giggling, my neighbor girl and her friend came running to my home and asked if I can help them understand – “how does hair removal cream work?” Knowing that I write for many beauty products they sought an answer. Writing about a product is different and explaining it in the simplest words is totally a different experience. Read onto know more on how does hair removal cream work?

Hair Removal Creams or Depilatory Creams

Here is a brief description on how does hair removal cream work?:

These creams meant for removing hair are called Depilatory Creams. The meaning of the word depilatory is capable of removing hair, hence the name. These are available as sprays, lotions, creams, and gels.

Depilatory creams are chemical creams. The heavy presence of alkaline chemicals like sodium and calcium thioglycolate in these creams reacts with the hair and melts it completely within minutes. Thereby, gives the instant results.

Keratin, is the name of the main protein that is the major part of the basic structure of the hair, the building blocks. These proteins form a compound chain and give strength to the hair. The high alkaline sodium thioglycolate and calcium thioglycolate reacts with these proteins and breaks the compound chain. This reaction is so strong that the hair can be wiped off from the skin with a wet cloth within a couple of minutes after using the cream.

Patch Test:

Before using any cream or lotion, or gel on skin or hair, it is mandatory and wise to do a patch test. This will give a strong indication if the product is suitable to our skin or not. If any negative reaction is experienced, further use of the cream can be stopped. And, the damage is limited only to a small part of the skin.

Use the cream or lotion or spray or gel on the back of the knee and follow all the directions as mentioned on the box of the product. Wait for the time limit and wipe it. Wait for sometime to see if any adverse skin reaction is experienced.
Proceed, and use it on the part you want to be hairless if no negative result is observed.This was the answer for your question on how does hair removal cream work? Now, further you will learn more things on how to use such creams for hair removal.

How Does Hair Removal Cream Work? – The Usage!

Following are the steps to use the cream and clear the hair fast but temporarily.

  • Wash and dry the area that you intend to use the cream on. This might save you from the chemical and other pollutants or dirt on the skin from reacting.
  • Smear a thin layer of the cream or use the spray lightly on the skin.
  • The time is recommended on the box of the product. Follow the time limit. Do not cross the time limit assuming it would make the skin hairless for long. No! this could react unpleasantly with the skin and result in burns, allergy, or patch etc.
  • Use a damp cotton cloth, or use a wet cotton ball to clean the melted hair.
  • Wash the body part and dry it. Do not scrub.
  • Apply a regular moisturizer. It is better to use aloe vera based or vitamin E rich lotion.


  • It is quick, fast, and the results are instant.
  • The creams are easily available and are not expensive.
  • It does not require professional help.
  • It is not a painful method.
  • The results last longer than shaving results.
  • It does not present the risk of cutting the skin.


  • The creams are smelly and it usually stays for awhile.
  • In case of skin sensitivity, these creams can pose a threat to burn, itch, or irritate the skin.
  • Redness, inflammation, rashes, and allergy can also be witnessed in some severe cases.
  • It should not be used on broken, scraped, or cut skin.
  • It is not at all recommended to use near eyes or genitals etc.
  • The results last less than waxing results.

This is how hair remover cream works, and the above mentioned are the precautionary steps and its advantages and disadvantages. It is totally an individual’s choice if he or she wants to opt for it or not. A word of advice is to not to use the cream regularly even if it suits the skin type. So, now the question how does hair removal cream work?, need not be a problem as you know the answer.

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