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What Is The Best Way To Remove Hair? -Overview

Almost all of us have body hair, in places that we like, and in places that we hate! But, there are some of those who hardly have any body hair. Lucky them! The rest of us keep asking what is the best way to remove hair!? Every now and then we try new methods to get rid of body hair. There is a wide range of hair removing ways ranging from very cheap choices to expensive options, and methods giving instant results to taking lot of time to give permanent results. Let us learn more about each method.

Best Way To Remove Hair:
As individuals we all are different and not all the presently available hair removing choices can be liked by all of us. Some might prefer shaving for its instant results while others might go for electrolysis as a permanent solution. So, each person has his or her own definition of what is best for them and what is not. A brief note about all the options would help you in deciding what is best for you.

  1. Shaving

    Shaving is instant, fast, cheap, easy, and can be done at the home, or while taking shower. A little bit of practice and patience can save the risk of cutting the skin. Other tips like not using worn out, rusted, and old blade can prevent infection, cuts, and ingrown hair problem.

    Buy a new disposable razor or at least make sure that the present razor is effective. Wet the hair for a few minutes and soften them further by using a good shaving gel. Gel also aids in smoother hair removal, enables the razor to clear the hair without cutting the skin, and prevents ingrown hair. The simple rule of shaving is to first run the razor in the direction and then in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Stop immediately if it itches or irritates the skin, and use ice cube. Use a good herbal or natural cream like aloe vera or vitamin E oil afterwards.

  2. Epilators

    Epilator is fast, easy to use, but a costly appliance. It pulls the hair out and is in simple words an electric tweezers. It mechanically holds the hair, uproots, and makes the skin hairless. This option is partially based on waxing and partially on tweezers principle.

    Use the epilator on the skin and the rotating discs of the electric device grasps the hairs and uproots them. It is a painful process and not all want to invest in an epilator. It cannot be used on all parts, like eyebrows, upper lip, etc. Use ice cubes and moisturizer to soothe the skin.

  3. Waxing

    Most liked method, waxing is a favorite choice among men and women for its long lasting results, and also for the removal of dead skin cells. It uproots the hair, is painful, messy, and can be a bit costly.

    This is a messy process that involves melting the wax, applying it, and uprooting the hair with the help of a cloth strip. The strip is pressed on the wax and is pulled in the opposite direction of the hair growth. The rashes disappear naturally in a day or can be prevented by pressing your palm immediately after waxing. Use ice cubes and moisturizer.

  4. Creams

    These are easily available in any stores, the results are instant, the products are not very costly and are easy to use. These creams melt the hair because of the alkaline chemicals in them and within minutes make the skin hairless. But, it is not a safe method to use. Allergies, skin burns, redness, inflammation, rashes, etc are some of the side effects that it can result in.

    Wash the skin and dry it. Use the cream and wait. Do not cross the time limit mentioned in the instructions. Immediately stop the procedure and wash the skin if any negative reaction is experienced. Do not use it near eyes, lips, and genital areas and on scraped, broken, or cut skin.

  5. Sugaring

    Sugaring uses the wax made from sugar syrup. This procedure is similar to waxing but is less painful and does not remove the dead cells. Comparatively it is less expensive than waxing and can be prepared at home.

    Melt the wax and smear two layers of it on the skin. First layer should be applied against the direction of the hair, and the second layer along the hair direction. It is optional to use a cotton strip to pull out the hair in the opposite direction. Or, if experienced, you can pull out the hair by pulling the wax with bare hands. Use aloe gel or vitamin E oil.

  6. Threading

    One of the most economical ways to temporarily make any part hairless, threading is a widely preferred way. Cotton thread, good hand coordination, patience, and experience are required to do the job fine.

    Tie the two ends of a quality thread, make a circle, wrap it around the fingers and twist the thread from the middle. Now, pull the hair from the skin by opening and closing the fingers of the hands alternately. It is a painless way compared to waxing or epilators.

  7. Plucking

    A temporary way of removing hair, the application of this method is very limited. It can be used only for small areas like upper lips, eyebrows, nose and ear hair, and in some cases facial hair, but it is impractical to pull out each hair strand from the body.

    Tweezers are used to pull out each strand of hair but it is a very painful option. Inflammation, redness, and rashes, are some of the common complaints because of this method.

  8. IPL

    Intense pulsed light treatment is one of the permanent solutions for hairless body, but more than removing, it aims at reducing the hair pigmentation and color. It is similar to laser treatment but instead of using only a single beam of light, IPL uses rays with different frequencies that aim at destroying the follicles and reducing the hair re-growth.

    Using a device the different frequency light rays are passed through the skin targeting the follicles. It is an expensive method and is not approved by FDA as a permanent solution. It is believed that this method is useful for people with lighter skin and hair pigmentation.

  9. Laser

    A single beam of light is used in laser treatment to damage the hair sacs. But, even this method is not approved as a permanent hair removing solution. It weakens and reduces the hair growth, lightens the pigmentation, and is generally recommended only for people with lighter shade of hair and skin tone.

    Using the laser device, professionals pass the light through the skin and aims at damaging the sacs from which hair originates. If enough care is not taken during the process then it might result in burns, discolored patches, and allergies. It is an expensive and time consuming procedure.

  10. Electrolysis

    Electrode is used to pass very low voltage electricity via the skin to damage the hair sacs permanently. The electrode is a needle shaped device through which each hair strand is uprooted giving a permanent hairless solution.

    Very expensive and many number of sessions are taken to make any part of the body hairless. FDA approved, electrolysis is the only permanent answer, so far for a hairless body.

The decision to remove body hair is a personal decision and there is certainly no best way to remove hair. It is a personal choice, and a matter of comfort. Whatever way you are comfortable with, that is the best way for you.

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