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Body Hair Removal for Men

Using razor is the only way to get rid of hair thought many men till a few years back, but today, the market is flooded with creams, lotions, sprays, and numerous ways to remove men body hair. Laser treatment, electrolysis, or temporary options like depilatory creams, waxing, or sugaring are some of the methods to remove men body hair. Let us learn a few methods for body hair removal for men.

Body Hair Removal for Men

Below are some of the common methods used by men for body hair removal:

  1. Shaving

    Shaving is one of the most preferred hair removing options. It is easy to use, does not involve much preparation time, and can be done while taking shower. Using razor is not just limited to shave moustache or beard on face, but can also be used to clear body hair.

    A few precautions should be followed when removing hair from the delicate and private parts. In case your skin is allergic to the touch of blade, then it is best to use other options, otherwise ice cube should be rubbed gently to soothe the skin irritation. Application of a good moisturizer is also beneficial. This is the easiest and the most accessible method for body hair removal for men.

  2. Waxing

    Gone is the era when waxing was considered solely by women as a means to get rid of body hair. Today, men too are very enthusiastic about using hot wax because of its lasting results and affordability.

    Hot wax is applied and with the help of a cotton strip the hair is uprooted. This is a painful method and may not suit people with very sensitive skin, but usually the rashes subside within a day or two. In case of bad rashes, ice cube and aloe vera gel should be used.

  3. Sugaring

    Mostly popular in the Middle Eastern countries, sugaring is almost similar to waxing. Though the results are not as lasting as waxing, it is much less painful and thus is gaining its popularity amongst people.

    Uprooting the hair after applying hot and thick sugar wax is the basic principle. The pain is very less compared to waxing. But, it does not exfoliate the dead skin layer. This is also a easy method used for body hair removal for men.

  4. Creams

    One of the easiest ways to get rid of hair, depilatory creams can remove them instantly and painlessly. Following the directions mentioned on the box is mandatory as it saves the skin from any adverse reaction.

    These creams are not suitable to all skin types and can result in extremely negative reactions like allergy, skin burn, rashes etc. Take enough care not to use these creams on broken or cut skin. Also, avoid using these creams on delicate parts like genitals, eyes, upper lip etc.

  5. Laser

    Laser treatment helps reduce the hair growth and it aims at discoloring the dark pigmentation of hair. It is highly recommended for people who have light hair and skin tone, but not for people with darker pigmentation.

    It is done by a professional and is costlier in terms of time and money. Not all of us can afford it but it is a good way to drastically reduce the hair growth. This is one of the most commonly used procedures for body hair removal for men.

  6. Electrolysis

    The only permanent solution to destroy the hair follicles and inhibit hair growth forever, electrolysis is a very expensive method. It is also a very time consuming procedure.

    Depending upon the hair growth phases, electrolysis sessions are scheduled, so that all the hair are allowed to grow naturally and fully, and only then are they removed.

Apart from these methods there are other procedures used for by some for body hair removal for men. Procedures like threading, plucking, or using epilators is also used to remove men body hair. Always remember to use ice cubes, or cold water to reduce the pain, itching, irritation, and rashes caused by any of these processes. Aloe vera gel, or vitamin E oil or creams based on these ingredients should be further used to soothe the skin. So, body hair removal for men is not a difficult thing.

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