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How To Remove Unwanted Face Hair?

Hormonal imbalance is one of the major reasons why some women have very prominent and excess hair on the face. To remove unwanted face hair many options are available in the market. Some are temporary and others are permanent. Waxing, sugaring, threading, laser and electrolysis are the best recommended methods for it over plucking, shaving, or any other method like using epilator.

Beauty has been, is, and will be a very important factor in any woman’s life. Though now-a-days, it has also managed to cross the gender boundaries; it is still primarily a woman’s domain. Whether removing face hair, or body hair, or following any other tip, women will not leave any stone unturned to get that one compliment ‘You look beautiful’!!

Different Face Hair Removing Methods
There are many solutions to get rid of the unwanted facial hair – temporarily or permanently. Whatever way you choose, depending upon the factors like time, patience, skin sensitivity, money, etc, one can choose from the many available options. Let us learn in brief what the different methods for removing facial hair are:

    1. Threading:

      Threading is the most common practice and is assumed as the best practice for facial hair removal. It is comparatively less painful than the other methods. The results are adequately satisfying, and the method is not at all expensive and time consuming.

      A twisted thread is wrapped around the fingers to trap and uproot hair by merely pushing the twisted part from one end to another. To remove the excess hair, this option needs lot of practice and patience initially.

      This can be done at home after some practice but it is better to get it done by a professional for better results. A temporary method, it does not remove the hair forever and in some women it might result in some rashes.

      Use ice cubes, cold water, or moisturizer to comfort the skin and reduce the pain and redness.

    2. Waxing:

      Many women prefer waxing over other methods because of the lasting results when compared to any other temporary hair removing option. For weeks the hair does not grow back and the results are very satisfying. It also exfoliates the face.

      Hot wax is preferred over cold wax because it softens the hair and eases the hair removal process. Wax is melted and a thin film is applied after washing, cleaning, drying, and dusting some powder on the face. With the help of a cotton strip, hair from the face is removed.

      In many cases it results in rashes and is painful, and not all can bear the pain equally and might have trouble with it. Press the skin to prevent rashes, use ice cubes, and moisturizer to soothe the skin irritation.

      With some practice waxing can be done at home. It might result in mild to severe rashes depending upon the skin sensitivity which can be reduced by using cold water or ice cubes, and moisturizer. Get it done by a professional for the first time.

    3. Sugaring:

      Sugaring works on the same principle of waxing and is also preferred by some women. Though it is less painful than waxing, it does not exfoliate the skin like waxing does. It is not as widely practiced as waxing is.

      The thick syrup of sugar is melted to apply it on the facial hair and uproot it. The difference between this method and waxing is in the application.

      In sugaring, two layers of wax are smeared. First layer is applied against the growth of the hair and the second layer is smeared in the direction of the natural growth. This layer is then removed using a cotton strip or can also be taken off with bare hands.

      This method too might result in rashes, mild redness in case of delicate skin, which can be soothed with the help of a good, natural moisturizer.

    4. Laser:

      Laser treatment is almost a permanent method that is not approved but it reduces the hair growth majorly.
      The hair follicles are damaged by passing single ray of light and reduce the hair production drastically. This method lightens the dark color of the hair and also reduces its growth because of the light rays it uses.

      It discolors the hair, makes them light colored, and can result in white patches or burn the skin if enough precautions are not taken. This is highly recommended for people with light color of the hair and skin, and not for darker tones.

      This takes comparatively less time but is more expensive than electrolysis. A break of a few days is needed between two sessions to allow the immature hair to fully grow.


  1. Electrolysis:

    This is the only permanent and approved method that can remove the hair forever. It completely destroys the hair follicles, inhibits the hair, and gives a hairless look.

    An electrode is used to pass the electricity through the skin. This needle shaped electrode is used to uproot each hair strand and also pass the electricity to destroy the hair sacs from which it originates to stop the hair growth forever.

    This method takes many sittings because each hair has to be removed and the sac should be destroyed. The time breaks between each session is to allow the new hair in different phases to grow and mature completely before destroying.

    It is comparatively less expensive than laser, and is recommended for any skin and hair color. It too results in rashes which can be tackled with ice therapy, prescribed drugs, and local anti-inflammatory drugs. It is better to get it done by a professional with experience to avoid any complications.

Other Methods:

  1. Creams:

    A new cream called Vaniqa has been approved as a good method to reduce the hair growth on the face. It should be used at least for a month or two before any visible results are seen.

    It is a temporary way to reduce hair growth and even after stopping its use, the hair will not grow back for more than 2 months or 8 weeks. Apply the cream as per the directions for the mentioned time to see the results.
    Consult your dermatologist before using it in case you have sensitivity to chemicals. This cream also inhibits the production of cells and enzymes that are responsible for hair growth.

    Sun burn, allergies, burn patches, irritation, rashes, itching, are some of the adverse effects these chemically laden creams can have. These creams are not very expensive but are not recommended for frequent use.

  2. Bleaching:

    A painless procedure, bleaching is used to temporarily discolor the hair on the face and camouflage it with the skin color. It can be done using certain chemicals, fruits, or home made ingredients.

    Home made and natural ingredients or fruits bleach is recommended for people with sensitive skin. Grapes, pineapple, papaya, tomato, or other such citrus fruits and vegetables are used either directly or mixed with other items to use it on face. Chickpea flour, gram flour, or earth’s clay are used to mix the citrus juice or fruits.

    Apply the mask, wait for 15 to 20 minutes and wash it with cold or lukewarm water. Apply moisturizer to keep the natural oils from evaporating.

  3. Shaving:

    It might sound strange or unbelievable but a few women turn to shaving the times of urgency. The fine hair on the face can be removed in a matter of minutes. A temporary, shaving is best suited for men to shave beard and is strongly not recommended for women.

    It is suggested not to use this method because of the stubble that grows could be very embarrassing for any women. Wash the face, apply gel, use a razor very lightly on the skin and wash the face. To soothe the sensitive skin, use moisturizer.

  4. Plucking:

    Tweezers are used for plucking each single strand of hair from the face. Though this method does not need much practice, it needs lot of patience to pull out each hair. It is tiring, time consuming, and very painful.

    A good, pointed tweezers is used to pull out the facial hair. Care should be taken to see if the tweezers are not blunt or rusted or cut from any end. This could cause unnecessary harm and damage to the skin and a risk of infection increases.

These are the safe, temporary and permanent facial hair removing methods that can be opted for depending upon the interest, time, and budget. It is always better to know all the benefits and side-effects of any of the hair removing methods and only then should you try, keeping in mind your skin type and sensitivity. Depilatory creams, shaving, and plucking are not recommended for removing unwanted face hair due to various reasons like chemical composition, risk of stubble, and impracticality.

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