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Mens Back Hair Removal -Easy Tips

Grooming options are not just limited to facial, bleaching, pedicure, manicure, or waxing the chest, but it also involves mens back hair removal. Having a lot of hair on the back is embarrassing at times for men, and not all are fortunate enough to have a hairless body naturally.

Beauty and grooming treatments are no longer limited to women only, but have crossed the gender boundaries and enchanted the male species too! Men with back hair have as many options as women have to get rid of the hair that is undesired by them. It is a personal choice if they want to opt for temporary solution or a permanent one. Many factors play a vital role in this decision like money, time, ability to bear pain, skin sensitivity, etc.

Male back hair is usually triggered with the onset of puberty and gone are the days when hairy back was considered a manly trait. Today’s man wants to be well groomed and leaves no stone unturned to look appealing to the opposite sex, for hygiene purpose, and to be fashionable.

Back Hair Removal Options:
There are many ways through which hair can be removed for a shorter period of time or can get rid of them forever. Depending upon factors like money, time, and patience etc., one can opt for permanent or temporary solution.

    1. Waxing:

      Waxing is one of the most preferred and widely accepted forms of hair removal. This gives good results for longer periods of time without costing much in terms of money. But, this is a painful method and in cases of sensitive skin it can result in bad rashes.

      Visit a professional or ask a friend or spouse with enough experience to wax your back at home. Wash, dry, and dust a little bit of baby powder on the back and then apply a thin layer of wax on the hair. Do not overheat the wax or else it might burn the skin. Press a cloth strip on the wax and uproot the hair. To avoid rashes immediately press your palm on it.

      Rub ice cubes and use a good aloe vera cream or pure gel to soothe the irritated skin. The results last for at least 2 weeks. Though it gives results that last longer than other temporary methods it is messy and sticky, and needs a few precautions to follow. This method exfoliates the dead skin and exposes the fresh layer of skin. Read our Tips on Waxing Back for better idea.

    1. Shaving:

      Shaving is the most common option to get rid of the hair on any part. The results are instant and method is not costly in terms of time and money, but the hair grows back in a couple of days. Though it is not painful, the risk of cutting the skin is always there. If not done properly it can also result in ingrown hair problem.

      Use a disposable razor to shave or use a new blade. Old blade does not give desired results, takes more time, and runs the risk of cut, infection, and ingrown hair. The only measure to know if a blade has become old is to observe if you are using pressure to remove hair. If yes, then it is time to change it.

      Take the help of a family member, or friend, or a professional person to get rid of the hair on the back. Soften the hair by rinsing it in water for a few minutes, and then lather it with a shaving gel. Gel would soften the hair even more and aid in a smooth shave. Rinse the blade frequently in water to clear any stuck hair in the razor. Shave first in the direction of the hair growth and then against it for closer shave. Wash and use a non-chemical and non-alcoholic lotion or cream to soothe the skin.

    2. Sugaring:

      Sugaring works on the same lines of waxing. The hair is uprooted using hot wax but this method is much less painful. The home made sugar syrup does not exfoliate the skin like in waxing but is cheaper in comparison. Everyday kitchen items like sugar, lemon, honey, glycerin, and water are used to make this thick gel.

      Homemade warm wax is applied after washing and drying the back hair. Two layers of wax are applied, firstly in the opposite direction of the hair and then a second layer in the direction. It is then either removed using a cotton strip. Or some experts do it with bare hands.

      A layer of pure aloe vera gel, vitamin E oil, or any other non-alcoholic cream should be used to soothe the skin. In this method, the sugar paste sticks to the hair and not to the skin and hence the less pain.

    3. Creams:

      Depilatory creams are an instant way to have a hairless back. But, because of the high amounts of chemical presence, these creams are not good for skin. Rashes, skin burns, allergies, and other adverse reactions are a common result of these creams.

      Clean, wash, and dry the skin, smear a thin layer of the cream and wait for the time mentioned on the box and wipe the hair with a cotton ball or cloth. Take enough care not to exceed the mentioned time limit, or apply it on broken or cut skin. This could lead to complications. Wash and use a moisturizer after this treatment and if you feel any kind of irritation, itching, or burning feeling wash off the cream immediately. Do not continue it if your skin is sensitive to chemicals.

  1. Laser:

    Laser treatment is mainly used to target the hair follicles and destroy them. This would automatically reduce the hair growth. But, this is not an easy treatment. It is expensive monetarily, time wise, and also involves the risk of burning the skin.

    A single light beam is passed on the skin to damage the follicles. But, this method is not approved, and it only results in the drastic reduction of hair, but does not stop it completely from growing back. The heat produced by the light discolors the hair and damages it, but does not inhibit the growth. This is a therapy highly recommended for people with light skin and hair color because the laser beams also destroy the melanin pigment of hair.

    Use ice therapy, moisturizers, and other prescribed drugs to tackle the side effects. Dark skinned people, and people with dark hair color should avoid it because the discolored patches would look weird.

  2. Electrolysis:

    Electrolysis is the only accepted method that removes the hair permanently. It aims and destroys the follicles, inhibits the hair re-growth and finally gives a hairless skin. It is a very expensive method, though less when compared to laser, but needs many sittings in comparison with laser treatment.
    A needle shaped electrode is used to uproot every single hair strand, and destroy the follicles, by passing electricity through the skin. The break of a few days between two sessions is needed to allow the germ hair to grow and mature fully, so that it can be uprooted. Mild rashes as a side effect of this treatment disappear in a day or two, if not then ice cubes, aloe vera based cream, or any other natural moisturizer can be used or some prescribed drugs are recommended for it to subside.

These are some of the methods to answer a simple question ‘how to get rid of back hair?’ It is up to an individual to decide which option he wants to choose. Back hair can be removed with these methods but before deciding on any one option or trying different methods, it is better to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of them. Plucking, threading, and other methods like friction or epilators are not used for their impracticality in making this large area hairless. These tips on how to get rid of hair on back are the only practically possible and sensible methods to indulge in.

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