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How Does Bikini Epilator Work? -Is It Safe

We human beings always are a tad uncomfortable with hair on our body, except on the head. We opt for various methods that can help us get rid of the unruly curls especially in delicate areas. Bikini Epilator is also one of the many methods that will result in the desired look and feel down there. These devices are very easy to use and give instant results without any fuss and mess.

The area that at the joint of the pubic area and the thighs is called the bikini line and the hair around this part could be embarrassing when swimming costume is worn.

How Does An Epilator Work?

Epilator is an electronic machine that works on the mixed principle of tweezing and waxing. There are different types of epilators found in the market and some of them have tiny tweezers, rotating discs, and other models. The main purpose of all these models is to trap the hair on the skin like in tweezing procedure, and uproot them like in waxing.

Unlike in tweezing this device pulls out many hair at a time instead of manually picking out each single strand. This technique is not messy as waxing is but it does not exfoliate the dead cells from the skin which waxing does.

How To Use Bikini Epilator:

Removing hair around the bikini area could be trickier as the skin is very delicate and it is more prone to ingrown hair, red bumps, irritation, and rashes. Also, uprooting hair from the bikini line is very painful. Let us know how to remove hair around the bikini line using an epilator to wear a swim suit confidently without worrying much about the hair.

  • Clean and wash the bikini line and pat dry it.
  • Place the epilator on the skin and start the device.
  • Slowly move the machine against the hair growth along the bikini line.
  • The rotating discs or the many tiny tweezers in this electronic device will trap and pull out the hair from the skin.
  • It is a very painful process and can lead to rashes or red spots on the skin. Hence, use ice cubes and moisturizer to soothe the skin.
  • It is always advised to exfoliate the skin after epilating it as this prevents the ingrown hair problem.

Is It Safe?

It is a safe method but it may not suit all of us because of the sensitivity of the skin and the level of tolerance towards the pain. Read and follow all the instructions that are written on the box to minimize the pain and get the desired result.

These are some of the tips on how to use a bikini epilator, about its safety, and how it works. If you cannot tolerate the pain of plucking out hair then this method is not for you and do not invest in buying this expensive device.

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