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What Is Face Epilator? How Does It Work? -Overview

Not every body can afford expensive methods to have a hairless and smooth skin. And, for these people other less expensive and very cost effective methods are available. Face Epilator is one of the such option that is temporary but not very expensive as the permanent methods are. Based on the working model of waxing, sugaring, tweezing, and threading, these electrical devices are designed. The rotating discs, or multiple tweezers, and the other models are electrically powered to hold many hair at once and pull them from the root.

Face Epilator:

Many women do not like to have any facial hair and they try out many different options of hair removal to have that perfect, flawless skin look. This device is preferred by both men and women who do not like to have hair on face and those who do not have enough time to visit the parlor frequently to get the desired look.¬†Epilator is a device or a machine that is run on electric power, or rechargeable batteries. It has many models and can be chosen from depending upon the requirement. This machine’s main function is to grasp and pull out as many hair as possible in a go. It does not involve any messy procedures or tiresome plucking of each hair strand.

How To Use It?

Before using any device, cream, light, laser, wax, or thread, it is always recommended to wash and clean the skin. This will prevent any reaction between the dirt or pollution on the face and the method of hair removal. After drying the skin follow these steps.

  • Plug the machine and place it on the skin. Or start the battery and use the device.
  • Move the machine slowly on the skin to allow the blades, or tweezers, or discs of the epilator to trap the hair strands and pull them out.
  • It is better if you move the machine against the hair growth.
  • Once it is done, wash the face with cold water or use ice cubes to soothe the irritated skin.
  • Finally, use any natural or suitable moisturizer.

Benefits Of The Epilator:

All the methods of hair removing have certain advantages, this device too has some.

  • This is an easy method to remove hair without any lengthy and messy procedures like in waxing and sugaring.
  • It is not strenuous and tiresome like in tweezing where each hair strand is pulled out from the follicle.
  • It does not remove the hair only from the skin surface like in shaving and threading, but uproots them from the follicle.
  • The results last longer than most of the temporary ways to get rid of hair.
  • It is fast and can be used on small and large body parts like face, legs, chest, stomach, or back.
  • Over a period of time, this process makes the hair weak and also reduces the hair growth.


The negatives of using epilator are as follows.

  • Because it plucks out hair, it is a very painful way.
  • In sensitive skin types it can result in irritation, itching, red bumps, and ingrown hair problem.
  • It is recommended to change the blade or tweezers of the device every few months which means it may not be financially viable for many. Also, the device is not very cost effective and may not fit many people’s budget.
  • Unlike waxing, epilators do not exfoliate the dead cells. The shine and the smoothness of the skin is different.
  • It should not be used on certain delicate parts of the body.
  • Like in waxing or sugaring, epilator cannot be used on short hair. The hair needs to be grown by at least a quarter of an inch. Meanwhile, you should avoid using any other mode to remove hair and tolerate the hair growth.

Face epilator can be used by both the genders. It is totally a person’s choice to buy this device or not. With the advantages and disadvantages clearly spelt, one should be prepared to use it after buying. It would be a complete loss of money if you just try it once and then leave it.

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