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What is Hirsutism

HirsutismWhat is Hirsutism? Hirsutism is excessive growth of hair in undesirable locations on a female body. According to Wikipedia website, it is not a disease. Rather it is a symptom indicating a serious state of chemical imbalance in the body. In United States, 5-10 percent of women are affected with this problem. This article tries to gain further insight on what is Hirsutism? and other simple techniques to remove that excessive hair.

Hair removal and Hirsutism:

Hair removal is the natural treatment technique of this problem. Different techniques of hair removal, their merit and demerit are as follows:

S.No. Technique of Hair removal Merit Demerit
1. Shaving Inexpensive Means Risk of infection from cuts
2. Tweezing Works well for small areas All areas requiring treatment may not be reached
3. Waxing / Sugaring Works well for flat, straight hair Involves Pain
4. Electrolysis Most reliable treatment technique Expensive
5. Laser treatment Useful for removing hair from large areas Other healthy cells may get damaged
6. Drugs It is confirmed that multiple drugs are effective Side effects cannot be avoided

What is Hirsutism?

  • Hormones are chemical substances which start and carry out different chemical reactions in our body.
  • One such hormone called androgens is present mostly in men. This hormone should be present in very little amount in a female’s body.
  • When the presence of this hormone exceeds the normal level in a female’s body, Hirsutism is caused.
  • Another reason is over sensitivity of the roots of hair (called follicles) to this hormone.
  • Obese women are found to be at higher risks of getting this problem.
  • It is because obese women have increased levels of another hormone called insulin in their body.
  • Research has found that Insulin and risk of this problem are directly related.

So, if you are also one among those suffering from Hirsutism, then here are the techniques for losing that unwanted hair. Now that you know what is Hirsutism?, I hope that you would follow the above techniques for a soft skin.

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