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How to Permanently Remove Hair on the Neck

How to Permanently Remove Hair on the NeckHair on the neck can be very embarrassing for men and to remove the extra hair the most preferred and common practice is shaving. But, some look for a permanent solution to this problem and opt for methods like laser and electrolysis. A neatly trimmed hair line on the neck any day looks better than the growth of random and excess hair. It not only gives a well groomed look but also prevents any bacterial or fungal growth on the skin. It is also easier to maintain cleanliness around this area after removing the unwanted hair. Electrolysis and laser are the two permanent methods that are regularly preferred by many men and women who want to clear the hair forever and not go for short term results. These two methods are expensive and take a lot of time than any of the temporary hair removing methods. Let us learn in brief how these methods work. Permanent Removal of Hair from the Neck Laser and electrolysis mode of hair removal does not give instant results but continues over a period of time and eventually reduces and completely inhibits any further hair growth. Patience, budget, and regular check up with the expert are recommended.

Laser for Permanently Remove Hair on the Neck

    • Laser therapy uses light rays of various wavelengths to reduce the hair growth. Using the different pulse, wavelength, and energy the light beams destroy the melanin cells and reduce the hair growth. The pulse rate, wavelength, and intensity of the rays depend on various factors like melanin content, skin structure, sensitivity, etc.
    • For different skin types different wavelengths and intensities are used. These rays are aimed at destroying the melanocytes – the cells that give color to the hair and also reduce the hair growth.

  • It works best for people with light skin color and dark hair. It may not be as effective for people with darker skin tone, because it targets the pigmentation, it can lead to embarrassing white patches.
  • The heat generated through the passing of light rays damages the pigmenting cells and slows down the growing of hairs and after many sessions it stops the growth completely.
  • Laser as a hair removing option may not give same result in each individual and the results differ from one person to another.
  • It is not a painful process but some mild stinging feeling is experienced and in some cases it might result in some redness and rashes which can be dealt with easily.
  • Laser therapy for hair removal takes many sessions. Depending upon the part of the body, a break of 3 to 8 weeks is generally suggested so that the hair cycle is completed and it becomes easier to target the hair.

Electrolysis Treatment for Hair on Neck

    • Electrolysis therapy uses very low voltage of electric current to destroy the roots of the hair and a needle to pull out each single strand of hair. The needle acts as an electrode and also helps to pluck out the hair. It is the only permanent solution of hair removal that has an approval of the FDA and is highly recommended by many.
    • Electrolysis works well for all skin and hair types and color. This method does not aim at discoloring the pigment cells but rather targets the roots of the hair.
    • The electricity is passed through the skin pores using the needle and damages the sacs from which the hair strands originate.
    • Though the results may not vary much from person to person and the results are generally satisfying. It is a very painful procedure and in case of sensitive skin it can result in severe rashes or redness. Medical drugs are prescribed to deal with any side effects and one should always contact the expert in case of any uncomfortable feeling.

  • This is a very time consuming process and needs long breaks of many weeks between each session. These breaks are essential in order to allow the immature hair to grow fully and only then can they be plucked out and their roots be destroyed.
  • It is a very expensive mode of treatment but less when compared to laser treatment, and takes more sessions of therapy in comparison to laser.

After these brief points about the two recognized and well accepted permanent solutions of neck hair removal it is totally an individual’s call to choose any method that he or she finds more suitable. Which ever procedure you choose, do remember to get it done by a professional who has a good record. Also, discuss all the factors to be considered like your skin sensitivity, structure, hair thickness, color, etc and of course money. For those who cannot afford these expensive treatments can read Tips To Shave Hair on Neck.

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