Does Shaved Hair Grow Back Coarser?

Shaving does not cause hair to grow back faster, darker, thicker or coarser. It’s just an urban legend and like a myth. New growth is often sharp-tipped and stubbly, depending on the removal technique. Actually the blunt and stubbly end of new growth hair gives the illusion of darker, thicker, and coarser hair.

When the hair starts growing after shaving, for some days it certainly does feel prickly. This is because of its short length. The longer the hair grows, the softer it tends to become. Women may recount how the hair on their legs before shaving was relatively soft, and that now it seems to be very hard and spiky. This is generally because once you begin shaving, you don’t allow for the hair to get to the required length where it naturally softens. Instead you continue to shave, so hair growing after shaving does seem coarser.

The same is true for men too. After shaving they feel the new growth feels stubble. On the other hand, when give up shaving to grow a beard or mustache usually finds that first it becomes stubble and then slowly it becomes smoother and softer.

Some contend that shaved hair grows back darker. But the fact is that hair certainly grows darker but not due to shaving. As men and women age, their hair darkens. So darkening of hair is due to aging. Secondly when the hair is exposed to sunlight, it lightens to some extent. When new growth appears after you’ve shaved hair, it may seem darker than what you cut off.