Legs and Arms Hair Removal

Options for legs and arms hair removal are many but choosing one from the many methods depends on what type of result you want – temporary or permanent, economic or expensive, less painful, fast etc. There are different methods that cater to different people based on their needs. Also, many options of hair removal are available to choose from depending upon the results that can give hairless skin for a day to fortnight.

On one side where we have laser and electrolysis to give permanent hairless skin, we also have temporary solutions like shaving, waxing, sugaring as the most popular methods. Some men and women also opt for less practical and popular methods like epilators, threading etc to remove the unwanted hair, but it is not very widely practiced. Here are some hair removal methods discussed to treat legs and arms.

Different Options for Legs and Arms Hair Removal
We will be learning only about the most common hair removing methods that are practiced.

  1. Waxing

    A temporary method to remove hair from legs and arms, waxing is the most sought after option to get rid of unwanted hair. The results of waxing last longer than the results of most of the other short term hair removing options available and it also exfoliates the skin.

    Removing the dead cells layer from the skin gives it a shine and this temporary method also results in a smooth skin feel. On the downside it is a very painful way of removing hair where hot wax is spread on the skin and the hair is pulled out. We recommend that you get it done by a professional for the first time and know how it is done properly before trying it at home by yourself. Read how to do Leg Waxing at home.

  2. Shaving

    Using a razor to shave the hair is the most popular method and is easy to do at home. It is also a temporary solution but the hair grows back much faster in this method. The hairless, smooth skin does not last for long and stubble can be felt in a day or two.

    It is one of the cheapest ways and does not take much time to shave off the unwanted hair from the skin surface. The hair is not pulled out in this method unlike in waxing but is cut from the surface and hence the re-growth is faster. But, on the downside the sharp edges of the blade can cut the skin if enough shaving precautions are not taken. To know more read Best Tips for Shaving Your Legs.

  3. Sugaring

    Homemade syrup of sugar, lemon, honey, and water is used to pull out the hair but it does not remove the dead cells layer and it does not give the shine that waxing results in. In comparison with waxing, this option is less painful and economic.

    Though not as popular as waxing is, sugaring is very much practiced in the Middle Eastern countries and has many following it. On the downside the end result is not as good as waxing results in. It can be done at home once it is followed properly.

  4. Chemical Creams

    Many different types of creams and lotions are available that can melt the hair and remove it for temporary periods because of the presence of some chemicals. These chemical products are called depilatory creams and are used by both men and women.

    It is very easy to use and the reaction between the chemicals in the cream and the hair takes only a couple of minutes to give hairless outcome. The negative effect of using these products is that it can irritate, burn, or even result in severe allergies. Regular and frequent use of these lotions and creams is not recommended. Learn more about how to use these creams and what are the other important points that need to be considered before, after and while using these products. Read How Do Depilatory Creams Work?

  5. Electrolysis

    FDA approved, electrolysis has been considered as the only permanent solution for the legs and arms hair removal. Each hair is removed using a needle like electrode and at the same time very mild electric current is used to damage the roots of the hair so that new hair never grows back.

    A permanent solution, electrolysis is time consuming because each session takes a break of a few days or weeks to let the hair grow completely so that its roots can be destroyed and it can be pulled out. Longer sessions also cost lot of money and is an expensive mode. Read What is Electrolysis Hair Removal to know more about the treatment.

  6. Laser

    Some consider laser treatment for hair removal as a permanent solution but it is not approved by the FDA. It does restrict the hair growth to a very vast extent but it does not completely stop it.

    The biggest drawback with this mode of hair removal is that it does not suit people with darker skin tone. Its results are effective only for people with light skin tone and dark hair. A very costly affair both in terms of time and money not many opt for it.

These are a few short term and long term solutions for legs and arms hair removal. Try all the temporary methods if you are willing to and stick to the one that suits you the best. Do not copy others or follow their suit, understand your requirements, budget, limitations, preference, skin sensitivity etc and only then try the options. Do not try chemical creams especially if you have sensitive skin. Always talk to your beautician or doctor before choosing a method to avoid any unnecessary complications. If you want to know about threading then read How to do Threading for legs.