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What Is The Best Way To Remove Hair? -Overview What Is The Best Way To Remove Hair? -Overview

Almost all of us have body hair, in places that we like, and in places that we hate! But, there are some of those who […]

How Does Hair Removal Cream Work? – A Brief Note

Giggling, my neighbor girl and her friend came running to my home and asked if I can help them understand – “how does hair removal […]

What Is The Bikini Line? – A Brief Note

Not all women are crazy about removing each single hair strand from their body but many are! Thankfully, I am not one of those who […]

How To Get Rid Of Stomach Hair?

Getting rid of the unwanted hair from underarms, legs, arms, and pubic area is widely practiced but people find it confusing and puzzling if stomach […]

Body Hair On Women -Which Hair To Be Removed?

We all have tiny and soft hair called vellus all over our body and they also are essential for maintaining the temperature of our body. […]

Tips To Have A Hairless Body

The first time I saw hair on my armpits, I was scared. It was a huge relief when I confided it to my friend who […]

Galvanic Electrolysis -Overview, Advantages, And Disadvantages

My colleague took a hasty decision and at the first available opportunity she opted for a not so permanent laser treatment to get rid of […]

What Is Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Advantages And Disadvantages

To get rid of the extra hair, women and men take the help of many temporary and permanent methods like electrolysis, laser, and intense pulsed […]

How To Do Threading For Legs? – Easy Step By Step Procedure

The small, tiny hair on body, arms, and legs is not a pleasant thing to look at, that too if the color of the hair […]

Homemade Bleach To Hide Hair

Not all women are comfortable removing hair from their body; rather many prefer to lighten the color of it and camouflage it with the skin. […]

Tips On Plucking Facial Hair

Smooth hairless beauty, or hairy face? If you were to choose from these two options which one would you go for? I do not know […]

Tips On Waxing Back Hair At Home

Waxing back hair is most essential for men who are covered with those creepy curls all over the body. There are many permanent and temporary […]

Tips For Men To Wax Chest Hair At Home

Why don’t you wax chest hair, it looks clean, smooth and attractive. Tattoos on your chest will look delightful and attractive and gives you a modern look. […]

Arm Waxing Tips At Home

Arm waxing gives you soft, smooth, hairless skin on hands and gives a charming appeal to it. But, expensive spa and beauty treatments are not […]

Wax Bikini Area

Men and women have always wanted to stop the unruly growth of excessive hair growth on the body other than head. Wax Bikini Area or Shaving […]