Tweezing Hair Removal

In tweezing a pair of metal forceps/tweezers is used manually to pluck the hair from the root. It is an ideal method to remove unwanted hair from small areas. It is mainly used for shaping eyebrows and removing stray hairs from the face and upper lip. The results of tweezing last for 3 to 8 weeks to grow new hair.

The side effects of tweezing on skin are negligible than other hair removal methods. The skin may get a little red or sore and only a slightly uncomfortable and stinging sensation is felt during the process. Red bumps and ingrown hairs problem may appear after this process because of the swollen follicles. This usually disappears after a few hours.

Tips To Use Tweezers:

Well-shaped eyebrows always give an attractive look. They can also make you look younger. They brighten the face, and draw attention to the eye area. Using the right tweezing techniques, you can make your eyes and face look fresh and clean.

  • Before using tweezers it is always advised to wash the area of the upper lip or eyebrows or face with lukewarm water or press a cotton cloth soaked in tepid water. This opens the skin pores and helps in easy hair removal. Gently dry the face and do not scrub the skin.
  • In case of tweezing eyebrows, brush the hair in the direction of its natural growth. Eyebrow brushes are easily available in the market. Brushing eyebrow will give you a proper idea about the extra hair. For upper lip or facial hair you can directly use the forceps.
  • Brush the hair up to locate the really long hair. Use scissors to cut the end of the hair that reach above the thickest part of the eyebrow.
  • Using a white pencil draw a desired brow shape. Now pluck out the extra hair and shape your eyebrows nicely.
  • Pull out one hair at a time in the direction of hair growth. This will not cause much pain. Plucking against the natural growth will be very uncomfortable and painful.
  • Do not use force but a little twitch is enough to gently remove the hair.
  • Use an ice cube or wash with cold water after tweezing. This reduces the pain and redness.

Other Important Points To Be Remembered:

  • Wash the face before using tweezers to open the skin pores and also to clean off any make up and creams. Don’t moisturize the area before plucking otherwise the tweezers will be unable to grip the hair properly.
  • Try and avoid tweezing nose and ear hair, or hair growing out of moles. This could be very painful. For tips on removing nose hair read our article How to Get Rid Of Nose Hair.
  • Use tweezers that have both the points joining equally. But, be careful not to pierce the skin. Do not use blunt, old, or rusted forceps. It could cause infection.
  • Place the tips of the tweezers as close to the root of the hair as possible. This is less painful.
  • Never tweeze from above your eyebrows; it distorts the natural curve.
  • Do not pluck out hair randomly. Pause frequently to check if you are over doing it.
  • Another useful tip is that your brows should extend a little past the corner of each eye.
  • After doing your eyebrows or upper lip always use some aloe or vitamin E based moisturizer. This soothes the skin and reduces the irritation. Avoid chemical creams.

Advantages of Tweezing:

  • It is a very easy way to remove extra hair on upper lip and eyebrows.
  • It can also be used for facial hair if one has the patience to remove them one by one.
  • This is a very economical way of clearing and shaping unwanted hair.
  • Ordinary and electric tweezers are also available in the market and the price ranges from affordable to expensive models and you can choose depending upon your limit.
  • Frequent beauty parlor visits can be reduced drastically.
  • It is not a very time consuming method.

Disadvantages of Tweezing:

  • It is not a very practical approach to remove hair from large areas like arms, legs, stomach, or back.
  • Plucking out hair is painful and may not suit many with sensitive skin.
  • It may cause ingrown hairs and mild swelling which is not pleasant to look at.
  • If not used cautiously it may cause pitting and scarring.
  • Redness and tiny bumps are evident.

Electric Tweezers:

A simple idea behind electric tweezers is to use mild to high electric current to uproot the hair and at the same time pass the current to weaken and eventually inhibit the hair growth. It was initially designed as an alternative for electrolysis but it failed to pass the standard tests of the FDA.
This device has tweezers at the tip and a button at the handle that helps in plucking the hair and simultaneously passing the current.

It is also called as an electrolysis tweezers epilator by a few, but function of a tweezers and an epilator is different and the two should not be mistaken as one.

These are a few tips on tweezing the hair at home with the least possible pain involved. A little bit of caution and patience can save lot of time, money, and visits to the salon and yet get the desired and preferred hairless look.