Underarm Hair Removal

Underarm hair is considered to be unattractive and embarrassing by many but it is a perfectly natural and common sign of puberty in young girls and boys. Depending on factors like race, gender and age, armpit hair may be longer, coarser or darker in different people. A few people have a thick and widespread armpit hair while others may have smaller and concentrated patches of it.

Shaving, depilatory cream, waxing, sugaring, and permanent methods like electrolysis and laser are the best ways to get rid of armpit hair. While some methods like plucking and tweezing are not practical, other options like epilators, and threading do not yield the desired result.

Underarms are delicate parts and require enough care and caution while removing hair from it. A professional expertise is needed when removing hair from such delicate areas but with enough practice and easy methods like shaving it can be removed at home also. Let us learn more about it.

What is The Purpose of Armpit Hair?
Though there is no apparent purpose for armpit hair, there are two popular explanations for it. The first explanation given is that armpit hair reduces the friction when we move our arms during motion or any physical task. There is no evidence to support this fact as people with shaved armpits do not face any discomfort caused by friction.

The second explanation given is that the hair in the armpits collects pheromones. Pheromones are chemicals produced by the body which signal sexual readiness or prowess to the other members of the species. It also gives out the smell that usually comes by sweating.

Most people have a wrong notion that this smell can be eliminated by shaving the armpits. This is NOT true. Hair or no hair, pheromones produce this smell.

Armpit Hair: Remove or Not?
Men mostly have thicker and bushy armpit hair when compared to women. Some women find armpit hair to be natural and sexy while others find it embarrassing and ugly. It is a personal choice for men and women to keep their armpit hair or not.

It is believed that removing underarm hair reduces perspiration and also prevents the bacteria from growing. This is not completely true but removing armpit hair does look more clean and appealing. Also, clean and hairless underarms look better with fashionable clothes.

Men and women who like to be natural and who do not want to interfere with the body’s functioning choose to keep their armpit hair. Good hygiene and care ensures no bad body odor.

How To Get Rid Of Armpit Hair?
Waxing, sugaring, shaving, creams, electrolysis and laser are the right and temporary or permanent ways to get rid of the hair growing under the arms.

  1. Waxing:

    Waxing is a temporary way of clearing the underarm hair and it is recommended that it should be done by a professional for the first time as the skin in this area is very delicate. Waxing is a good alternative as the results last longer when compared to the results of other short term methods.

    Hot wax is melted and is applied on the underarm hair and is uprooted by pressing and pulling the cotton strip. Allow the hair to grow at least quarter or half of an inch before waxing. Long hair is painful when waxing and short hair is difficult to uproot. It is a painful way to get rid of hair and not all prefer this mode to have hairless armpits.

    The hair on the armpit grows in all the directions and enough caution should be taken that the hair is pulled out in the opposite direction. So, divide the whole area depending upon the natural direction of the hair growth and wax accordingly. Read more on waxing underarms to learn the important points.

  2. Sugaring:

    There is not much difference between sugaring and waxing except for the application method and the fact that waxing exfoliates the skin while sugaring does not. Sugaring is less painful when compared to waxing as the melted wax sticks to the hair and not to the skin.

    Two layers of melted and hot sugar wax are used in this method to remove hair. The wax is removed using a cotton strip or is pulled out with bare hands. It is essential to get it done by an expert or by someone who knows how to pull out hair from this area before trying it out at home by yourself.

    Cut long hair for easy and less painful removal or allow the hair to grow if short, for better results. Do not assume that the hair grows only in one direction under the arms. It is necessary to know that hair should be removed in the opposite direction only. This gives better results.

  3. Shaving:

    Using a razor to clear the armpit hair is another temporary way. Though it is an easy and instant option, the results do not last for more than a couple of days. Stubble grows back and a dark shade of it appears. Also, shaving results in blackened armpits which are not a very pleasant sight. To treat dark underarms click on Dark Underarms Treatment.

    Drench the hair with some water for a couple of minutes and apply a lather of a good shaving gel. Allow the hair to become soft and then use the razor first in the direction of the hair growth and then against it. This will give closer shave and better results.

    A lot of men and women choose to shave their armpits than bear the pain of waxing the hair. It is a common belief that the hair grows back much thicker and coarser after shaving but it is true only for the first couple of days, later as the hair grows it feels normal. The stubble feels thick and hence people think the hair is growing coarser. But, the problem with this method is that the stubble can be felt in a day or two and that means shave more often. To know more read how to shave armpits.

  4. Depilatory Creams:

    The easiest way to remove underarm hair is to use a good hair removing cream. Depilatories have chemicals that destroy and dissolve hair in a couple of minutes and result in hairless skin. These are available in the form of cream, gel, spray, liquid and other forms.

    Smear the cream or gel on the underarm area and allow it to react and melt the hair for the suggested period of time. After a couple of minutes wipe or rinse the hair to have a smooth and hairless skin.

    On the down side, depilatories can cause skin irritation and allergies in people with sensitive skin. Ice cubes, chemical free moisturizer and aloe vera gel are some of the common cures for the problem.

  5. Electrolysis:

    Electrolysis is a permanent solution for removing the hair from the armpits. It should be done by a professional and before opting for this process we recommend you know all the advantages and side effects of it before hand.

    Hair is removed permanently using a needle to uproot each hair strand from the underarms. This needle is converted into an electrode by passing low voltage electricity to destroy the sacs from which the hair originates.

    It is a very lengthy and expensive procedure because each hair strand is removed and the sacs are destroyed. Also, if enough care is not taken then it can result in the burning of the skin.

  6. Laser:

    Laser is also a long term solution to remove hair, but it has not been approved so far. Still, it is a very popular method. It should be done by an expert and one should know all the details about it. It is not a completely safe method and many side effects like burning and tanning or color patches have been reported.

    Light is used as a means to destroy the hair follicles and impair the re-growth of the hair. It also discolors the pigmentation and results in smooth and hair free underarms.

    This is a costly affair and takes many sessions before the final result is achieved. But, this is mostly recommended for people who have lighter skin tone and blonde hair. In case of dark hair, the results are not as effective.

Whether you prefer temporary or permanent option to remove hair is a personal choice, but always maintain high standards of hygiene and wash the armpits at least twice a day. This will prevent the bacteria from growing and resulting in bad body odor. These tips on how to get rid of armpit hair should help you make a choice based on your time, budget, and patience.