Upper Lip Hair Removal

Hair on upper lip is clearly visible among other facial hair and it can really look very odd and bother a lot of young girls and women. Due to genetical or hormonal reasons, upper lip hair is very prominent or is light. Also, the hair growth differs from one woman to another based on the above factors.

The tiny growth of hair can actually be very distracting and steal away the charm from the face. Removing hair around mouth can actually make the face look fresh and young. There are many ways through which one can get rid of these unwanted hair.

Different people have different choices and they act accordingly. A few women might go for permanent removal of hair while others may prefer the temporary methods and then there are some who believe in hiding the hair with chemical or natural bleaches. It is all about personal choice and comfort. This article focuses on different methods of lip hair removal.

Here Are Some Of The Tips On How To Get Rid Of Upper Lip Hair:
We are discussing only a few of the widely practiced options in this article.  A general introduction to the hair removing method and its benefits and disadvantages are mentioned in some brief points. For detailed information read the related articles.


Bleaching is one of the most commonly used methods in order to hide the ugly and undesired hair growth. Bleaching discolors or lightens the dark hair and hides it with the skin color. It does not remove the hair completely albeit weakens it.

If you opt for bleaching method then you have can hide the hair using natural or chemical bleach that can be easily made at home or can be purchased from the market. There are various bleaching products available in the market.

Women who have sensitive skin should be careful and cautious before using bleach as a method for hiding upper lip hair. Patch test is suggested for sensitive types. Apply bleach on a small patch of your skin and see whether the bleach is suitable to your skin type or not.

Bleaching is a fine way but it is not the best method to treat hair on upper lips. Repeated bleaching would make the upper lips more light than the rest of the face and hence either bleach the whole face or restrict the frequent use of bleaching.


The most widely practiced method of hair removal is waxing. Wax is applied on the hair and is then plucked out using waxing strips. It can be done at home or in salon. Waxing is one of the best methods of hair removal because the hair is pulled out from the roots and it takes many days for the hair to re-grow.

Waxing removes the unwanted tiny hair sprouts on upper lip but is a temporary method. The results last longer when compared to the results of the other temporary methods. Hot or cold wax is a personal choice though most women rely more on hot one. It is always better to get it done by an expert for the first time and not try doing it at home.

Wash the face and get rid of dirt, dead skin cells layer, make up and other pollutants. Dry the skin and dust some baby powder. Apply the cold or hot wax first on one side of the upper lip and then on the other side. Using a cotton or muslin cloth strip remove the hair. Press the area with fingers or palm to soothe it and use a good suitable moisturizer.

Waxing is a painful method and this is the reason people avoid it. Remember to keep the strip as close to the skin as possible to reduce the pain. The problem with waxing is that you have to wait for the hair to grow only then can you wax them. The waxed upper lips might develop rashes and look all pink or red for a day or so.


Tweezing, or plucking as it is commonly known as, is an economical and easy method used for removing hair from the upper lip. The basic requirement is to have good tweezers. It is a very popular way of clearing the upper lip hair. The hair is uprooted with the help of tweezers and it does not require frequent visits to beauty parlor.

Pull out each hair at a time with tweezers and to aid the process press the upper lip with the help of lower lip to taut the skin. Plucking hair from the skin can be painful. However, the sensation will not last for long. After removing the hair using tweezers for a couple of times, you will feel less pain.

Wash the face, this softens the hair and aids in easy hair removal. Press the tongue against the upper lip to taut the skin. Now, slowly and with a gentle twitch pull out each hair in the direction of their natural growth. This reduces the pain a great deal. Do not use force to pull out hair strands or try to uproot many strands at a time. It will be much more painful and increases the risk of hair grown problem.

To soothe the skin smear some moisturizer. Though very popular it is not the best method for upper lips. Tweezing causes lot of pain and in sensitive cases ingrown hair problem along with redness, irritation, itching, and rashes can be witnessed.


Mostly a man’s domain, some women do shave upper lip with a light and gentle stroke. A temporary way to get rid of the hair, shaving cuts the hair shaft from the skin surface but the re-growth can be seen in a day or two.

Wash the face with a face wash and apply a thin layer of shaving gel. Very gently use the razor. If not done properly or if a good blade is not used it can result in infection. Wash it clean with lukewarm water. Avoid using chemical cream on it; instead vitamin E oil or aloe vera based cream is good. It prevents bacterial action.

It is easy to do and is not a time consuming method. It is very cheap and gives a clean and hairless result quickly. It is painless and gives fast result in times of urgency.

The hair growth after shaving looks like stubble – thick and coarse hair. It not a safe practice to shave upper lip. It can cut or scrape the delicate skin on upper lip. If not done with enough caution then it can spoil and scar the skin.

Depilatory Creams:

Depilatory creams are laden with such chemicals that react with the proteins bonds of hair and melt them. These creams are a temporary way to remove hair from the upper lip. Because of the high content of chemicals it is not recommended for regular use.

People with sensitive skin should be very careful while using depilatory creams as it could react negatively and can result in allergy, rashes, and even damage the skin. Hence, it is always suggested to do a little patch test and wait for 24 hrs. to know how it reacts.

Wash the face, apply a layer of the cream and wait for the mentioned time on the box before cleaning it with a wet cloth. Apply moisturizer and the job is done. It is one of the easiest ways to remove hair and not too expensive either.

Depilatory creams are not suitable to all the skin types and people should use them only sparingly. Just like hair, skin too is made up of proteins and the chemicals present in these creams tend to damage the protein bonds. Hence, using this method is not good for skin too.


This is one of the most popular and widely practiced methods to remove the lip hair. A fine quality twisted and thick thread is used to uproot the unwanted hair. This is a temporary option and the hair grows back in a few days. Slightly painful, but this option is devoid of any cuts and abrasions and chemical reactions.

Threading upper lip hair can get rid of the tiniest and finest hair without hurting much. A twisted thread and the skill to uproot hair with it, is all that is required to address the problem. It is one of the cheapest options to clear the hair and can also be done at home, provided you know the technique.

It is a temporary method and the hair starts growing back after a week or two depending upon the growth rate. The hair is trapped in the twisted thread and is gently pulled out causing mild pain.

The downside of this option is that it can lead to rashes, redness and mild swelling in case of sensitive skin type. Use a moisturizing cream to soothe the reactions.


This is a permanent and expensive way of eliminating unwanted hair. In this option of hair removal electric current is used to damage the root of each follicle at a time. Though time consuming and expensive, the results are permanent.

In electrolysis very small voltage of electric current is used to destroy the roots of the hair. The current is passed through the skin with the help of an electrode that is needle shaped. Also, at the same time each single strand of hair is uprooted and its follicles are destroyed forever. This prevents any hair re-growth chances.

It is suitable to all skin types and color. It does not cause much pain and the mild redness and swelling disappears in a day. If the side effects do not disappear then taking an anti-inflammatory medicine will reduce the problem.

It is an expensive deal when compared to the temporary options and is very time consuming. Pulling out each hair and destroying their sacs takes lots of time. It should be done with lots of patience and should be done only by an expert.


A permanent option, though not approved by the FDA, laser treatment destroys the roots of the hair and inhibits its growth. For this purpose, a ray of light is used which is passed through the skin.

The heat that generates from the rays of light weakens and destroys the hair and its roots and yields a hairless skin. In comparison to electrolysis, this treatment takes less time as it covers more area, but laser is lot more expensive.

It is capable of removing hair from large parts at once. It does not involve uprooting every single hair and damaging its originating sacs. It is fast when compared to electrolysis and is less painful.

Laser treatment is not very actively suggested for people with light, grey, blonde and red hair color because the results are not very effective. It can also leave tanning patches or discolored patches on the skin.

Above are some of the ways that can be used to remove hair from the upper lip. It is a personal choice depending upon many factors including time, money, interest, and patience. But, if the reason for the prominent hair is some hormonal or genetical reason, then it is better to consult a doctor and get the root cause treated.