What is Laser Hair Removal?

Almost our entire body is covered with hair, some of which is visible to others. This hair may be dark and coarse too and in places where you might not want any hair such as your neck, arms, breasts and back. This could make you self-conscious and under-confident about wearing a bikini to the beach or shorts, and you may shun social functions just because of your hair problem. But there is a way out and it’s called Laser Hair Removal. And you can try it successfully too, so why not?

Often, we remove unwanted hair by shaving, cutting or waxing, although these are temporary measures. However, laser hair removal is both quick and painless.

Benefits of laser hair removal:
The most obvious benefit of this technique is that one’s hair is removed in one sitting, usually and that too, permanently! In some cases, however, one would have to go back for follow-up sessions. With laser technology making rapid strides, repeat sessions are getting rarer.

In addition, it is not painful, except for some redness of skin and skin irritation soon after the procedure. Contrast this with waxing which causes pain, or shaving which can bring on some skin irritation for some time, and rashes and skin blemishes too. It is also convenient, time saving and economical.

To begin, locate a good cosmetic surgeon to conduct this procedure, meet with him and discuss the area of your body to be treated. Give him other details too including whether you are allergic to any drug.

Some questions you should ask your cosmetic surgeon:
You must look at the before and after photos of other patients of your cosmetic surgeon, so that you are prepared for the extent of success you can achieve through laser hair removal techniques. Speak to these patients and ask your doctor for referrals too. Here are some questions you can pose to your surgeon:

  • Are my goals realistic?
  • Is this really the best option for hair removal?
  • How long will it take?
  • Is it painful?
  • What kind of laser equipment do you use?
  • How much must I be prepared to shell out and what does it include (hospital costs, doctor’s fees, anesthesia, etc)
  • How much experience do you have in this area?
  • Do patients have any degree of complications post-procedure?
  • Would you repeat the procedure if the hair removal is not perfectly done?
  • What side effects can I expect?
  • Was your malpractice insurance coverage ever denied, revoked or suspended?

Once you are satisfied with your doctor’s answers, and decide to go ahead with the procedure, be sure to inform your doctor about your medical history, any medication you are on and any serious medical conditions you might have