What is Razor Burn?

Razor burn is a skin condition caused by incorrect or poor shaving techniques.

Causes of razor burn

  • Shaving too closely
  • Shaving with a blunt blade
  • Shaving on sensitive areas or irritated skin
  • Applying too much pressure while shaving
  • Shaving too quickly or roughly
  • Shaving against the grain

    Shaving without lubrication also causes razor burn. For a good shaving use a good lubricant. If you have very sensitive skin, use gentle soap that contains a simple moisturizer like aloe vera, which helps to reduce irritation.

    Razor Burn causes small red rashes, small bumps, and blisters. It also causes severe itching. Razor burn is mostly occurs on face, underarms, across bikini line, chest and beard. It stays for few hours to few days depending on severity.

    It can happen any where on your body, if you shave on irritated skin. People with eczema are more susceptible to razor burn because of inflamed skin.

    The best solution to prevent razor burn is to use the right techniques of shaving. And secondly by avoiding all its causes.